28 August 2008

Obama+ Satan+ Nazism: The Image

According to the videographer of The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric's ad, Cristi Adkins, who hired the videographer,
originally wanted to depict Obama with devil horns juxtaposed with images of Hitler [. . . .] Adkins acknowledges she wanted to show the disturbing similarities she saw between audience reactions to Obama and Hitler. As for the horns, the hypnotherapist says, "I might have said, 'Can you put a subliminal shadow in?' I don't know that I said put devil horns.
Because the videographer balked, the image didn't make the ad. However, one that seems strikingly similar appeared, until a few days ago, on a site linked to another name linked to the CAACR: Mike Donovan. The above snaps come from the "jdawg"/"Jonathan Davis" site ObamaHateSpeech. Here's the presumptive Democratic nominee with devil horns and Hitler-esque (not to mention minstrel-esque) overtones. Tasteful, no?

The screen shot is from 8/21/08; you can find another Obama HateSpeech.com screen shot here.

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