29 August 2008

Sarah Palin Completes the GOP Ticket

After "Pawlenty" of rumors (sorry), we have John McCain's choice, and it's grand news: today Senator McCain will announce that Sarah Palin, Alaska governor and GOP "outsider," is his VP choice.

Although this comes nearly thirty years after Geraldine Ferrarro, the first woman to run as VP for a major political party, taken in conjunction with Hillary Clinton's groundbreaking run, surely this indicates progress in women's position in American culture. the county may not, as yet, be prepared for a woman to take over the Oval Office directly (e.g, as head of a ticket), but we're getting there. We're getting there.
Congratulations, Ms. Palin!

(and a very happy birthday to John McCain!)

Aside: According to NPR, McCain and Palin will greet a crowd of 15,000 in Dayton: the largest ever crowd for Senator McCain. Maybe they'll greet him with a resounding chorus of "Happy Birthday to You."

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