29 August 2008

McCain Money for PUMA, Just Say No Deal ? (Updated)

Whilst trawling the Internet, I came across a compelling bit of infighting amongst Hillary supporters over some people's defection to John McCain's camp before Obama had even received the Democratic nomination, and what might prompt such swift support for the Republican nominee.

In a post titled "Hoodwinked and Bamboozled"(7/02/08), a Hillary Clinton voter alleges that in a conference call on 29 June, which was attended by a cabal of pro-Clinton grassroots leaders, the following took place:

Marilu Socher (of "Women For Fair Politics") stated that " she had just gotten out of a meeting with the McCain people" and some of the topics discussed were "how to funnel money" to the "Just Say No Deal" Coalition, and she also announced that PUMA/ Just Say No Deal will now be represented by the "very Republican" Taft Law Firm, and she further stated that the "McCain people" also informed her that "Hillary has no chance", and they need to put their efforts towards electing McCain. Quite frankly, I smell a "rat" in our house, and it must be eliminated immediately [emphasis added].

One of the people “fingered” in the post is Will Bower of PUMA08 (at one point, a commentor accuses him of being an Obama “double agent”). As Mr. Bower had participated in the teleconference, a poster challenges him to confirm the meeting’s events:

Do you deny what Marylou, Women For Fair Politics, said? The Taft Law Firm? Meeting with the McCain campaign? Funneling money to JSND? No chance for Hillary, insinuated per the McCain campaign? (7/5/08 12:19am)

No-one either confirms or denies what roles McCain money or Taft Law firm might have played in the cabal’s conversation. However, in a striking response to the above comment, Bower asserts:

"Just Say No Deal" has not accepted a single -dime- from -anyone-. Yes, members within the coalition -have- accepted money, but "Just Say NO DEAL" has had no part in that... nor have I as an individual (7/5/08 4:38 am).

Despite encouragements to enlighten fellow posters more, Mr. Bower ventures no further with his claims, and other posters remain unsatisfied (although they do redirect their ire: Mr. Bower, it seems, does keep it clean). This frustration is evident is such bluntly worded posts as the following:

I have been watching PUMA and JSND for a while now and all they actually seem interested in doing is lining their own pockets or certain members seeing
themselves on t.v. with no desire to actually make a difference except for
McCain (7/5/2008 at 7:47 pm).

This is one of several assertions that prompt a mini-battle. One person named in the ensuing thread (and who replies with gusto to the blogger's queries about this teleconference) is Cristi Adkins. In a noteworthy aside, Ms. Adkins tells Mr. Bower,

So my friend, let me do the dirty work and you get back to doing what you do
best...keeping it clean (7/18/2008 at 7:58 pm).

Of course, this is out of context, so do please read the entire exchange for yourself (the truly interesting material begins after the notes on Obama’s use of subliminal suggestion). I might comment on this a bit further down the road, but do read the post, and do review the comments.

Aside: One of the posters at "Unheard American Voices" suggests that others look into FEC reports on RNC expenditures. There is no indication that anyone took up her challenge.

NB: The dear Anti-Rocinante drew my attention to this post a month or so ago, and I forgot it. Mea culpa, A-R, and many thanks.


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mpandgs said...

Thanks, anti, but it's just a bit of searching. It amazes me that they've carried out so many of these conversations, some quite incriminating, in public forums.

Thanks for coming by, and thanks for dropping a comment.

Anonymous said...

Check these comments to Christi at the blog

"I can start posting a ton of follow up information that has been provided to me by a multitude of different people. I HAVE TRIED TO BE NICE AND LET THIS DROP YOU KEEP POSTING AND REHASHING IT."


Ok if that is how you want to be.
Game on. Just remember this was YOUR CHOICE. I suggest you and your multiple blogs & websites, that others are babysitting for you, inform Diane of JSND the choice YOU made."

mpandgs said...

Anon @ 22:03
Yes, that is interesting. The comment implies not only that people *knew* about the Astroturfing, but that something a little more suspect might have been in play.

Then again, who knows. The thread ends almost immediately afterwards (of course, both women are more than welcome to contact mpandgs at gmail.com to enlighten our minds).