30 August 2008

L A Times: "A Few PUMAs On The Loose"

Meghan Daum's story in the 30 August issue of the L A Times is well worth a read. Here's a taster from Daum's (none too flattering) column:
That's right, cable TV viewers, talk-radio listeners and blog readers of America: Just when you thought Clinton's most ardent supporters had finally worked their way through the stages of grief and were ready to get behind the nominee, along comes evidence that they're not just angry feminists moping because they won't see a female president in their lifetimes, they're self-sabotaging lunatics!

I mean, did you see them? There they were, foaming at the mouth and cropping up in more of the coverage than many actual convention speakers.
She continues with examples of die-hard Hillary supporters, including Elizabeth Joyce and Cristi Adkins, on Hardball, The Daily Show, and Larry King. Thankfully, she notes (finally someone in the MSM does!) that although PUMA's numbers seem plentiful, there are actually few of them: it's simply that they are a noisy few. I'm not saying that all PUMAs are kooky, or loud, or loud and kooky. Some do remain dignified in their anger and frustration and try to effect change using the system (cf. Will Bowers' current plan); unfortunately, the kookier PUMAs' noise drowns out the sensible PUMAs' efforts.

One other thing: I've never heard so many wisecracks about repealing the nineteenth amendment as I have this week. Something about female hysteria not mixing with politics keeps coming up. I wonder why.


Anonymous said...

One point about Cristi that must be highlighted once again. IF she is an RN, she would be licensed in SOME state. Her enlightenmymind web site states "She served as the state representative for the American Holistic Nurses Association for the state of Utah in 1998-1999 and has specialized in a variety of clinical settings such as Emergency Care, Heart and LungCenter, Women’s Health, and General Medicine."

In Utah, there is no RN of similar name. Another poster has pointed out that an expired LPN license for a "Leigh Christi Babin" of Herndon, VA exists, but this doesn't qualify her as an RN.

Anonymous said...

"an expired LPN license for a "Leigh Christi Babin" of Herndon, VA exists"

Adkins went to Sand Hills Community College of North Carolina

Looky here:
SHCC Lost Member:

Looky looky here:
Herndon High School parent pledge Nov. 07
Leigh C. Babin-Adkins