16 August 2008

And Back to America's Hope Foundation.

This is the first in a series of posts regarding the Astrofturfing campaign based, essentially, in Virginia, and which may be linked to Cristi Adkins.

Remember Rockin' Father Tim. L. Donovan, the spokesman for America's Hope Foundation and Obama Hate Speech when he wasn't playing lead guitar for Irondragonz? I first wrote on America's Hope Foundation last month. That post includes a cached version of an online petition encouraging that DNC to "count all the votes." I posted part of that petition, but I redacted a few names of note. Here's the relevant part of the petition with the redacted names included:


Sue Donovan


M Donovan

WHOEVER wins the popular vote MUST be the nominee.


Aaron McCauley

Shame on the DNC. They should know better.


Tim Donovan

count these votes!


Tim L Donovan


Cristi Adkins

All voices have a right to be heard and all votes matter. It is odd that a child of civil rights activist would 'hush' the voters of Florida and Michigan; regardless of the rationale. Incongruent of a 'Not Politics as Usual' mantra as well. Cristi Adkins

Tim Donovan and Tim L. Donovan are father and son members of Irondragonz; signatory number four appears to be the Donovan matriarch, C. S. Donovan. Number six, M. Donovan, just might be "Mike Donovan," Tim's son and Tim L's brother.

Oddly enough, a "Mike Donovan" was listed at the contact for a vanished organization called "the Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric," or "CAACR." CAACR was responsible for a particularly virulent anti-Obama ad that played in South Dakota and Montana just prior to those states' primaries. Here’s how FOX described the commercial:

In South Dakota, a TV station briefly aired an ad that was edited to show Obama saying, "we are no longer a Christian nation, we are also a Muslim nation." It omitted his saying, in the same speech, that the United States is not solely a Christian nation.

The ad, which included a photo of Obama wearing a turban as part of a traditional outfit given to him in Africa, concluded with a man saying: "It's time for people of faith to stand against Barack Hussein Obama."

The group had clearly edited an Obama speech to imply that Obama saw the United States as a “Muslim nation,” received a significant amount of fallout (including criticism from Bill O’Reilly, albeit after he ran the ad on his radio show). As a result of people's outrage, the ad’s sponsor, the CAACR, dropped the ad and fell into a black hole. Its website, caacr.com,

vanished (two links to cached versions now come up blank). However, there are enough shreds of documentation to make some guesses.

1) A tap or two at Google presents Mike Donovan as the CAACR's contact.
2) A post at a Hillary Clinton
meetup site discusses a potential Donovan appearance on Neil Cavuto's program. Note who wrote the message.


cristi adkins

Sent on:

Monday, June 2, 2008 1:53 PM

I called the Cavuto show myself and they said they will not be interviewing Mike Donovan of the Caacr.com because of problems with the ad. I asked her if there would be any other information revealed today and she said she’d call me back…no word yet

That’s what I know at this time.

While Adkins's post reveals nothing more than an interest in the group's appearance on Fox News, and an awareness of the ad's problems, it is curious that she takes such an interest in Cavuto's show that she not only contacts Fox directly, but she anticipates a telephonic response from the show. Of course, this was the same weekend that Cavuto and others were talking about the "Whitey tape," so she might have been asking Fox for information on that item. As Cavuto featured neither Donovan nor the Whitey tape, Ms. Adkins must have been rather disappointed.

More later.

Update: Although America's Hope Foundation's website was up and running at the time of this post, it vanished as of Monday evening, 18 August.


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All those sites went down this weekend.

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