30 August 2008

YTD: PUMA Murphy and a 2003 Fraud Case ?

Over at Yes to Democracy (the Anti-PUMA), Christina has uncovered a 2003 court case decision that finds a Darragh Murphy responsible for "fraudulent loans and monetary transfers" involving a bankruptcy case.

Is this Darragh Murphy the PUMA Murphy? Keep an eye on the Anti-PUMA.

Added: Apparently, The Strange Death of Liberal America posted this on 07 August:
As for Murphy, she has an interesting past, formerly serving as head of Rowanoak Corporation (presumably named after William Faulkner’s home–an interesting choice for a business name especially if you know your Faulkner), which arranged for construction work in the Boston area but itself did no actual contracting. In 2003 the United States District Court for Massachusetts issued a judgment against Murphy’s mother Ann Walsh for receiving “fraudulent transfers” to her from Murphy.
Again, it looks like a case of two people working on the same thing independently. I wonder if anyone has asked Murphy about this matter, and, if so, how about sharing her response?


Anonymous said...

And with Diane Mantouvalos an ex-Mass. resident (connection with Murphy) and now of Miami, where Cifre (Savage Politics) resides, we're going to see some things coalesce soon. Another name down in Florida to watch is Elsylee Colon.

And just what is Cristi Adkins "real" name? And is she really an RN?

Anonymous said...

And how about Cristi's first marriage? Must be interesting stuff, although don't look for a death in Florida, but a military man.

liberalamerican said...

Actually the background on all of them is in the same story:

see: "Barack Obama and the New Swift Boaters

I dug up the court case. It is the same Darragh Murphy because the address is the same one, which BTW is the one she used to contribute to the McCain campaign.