30 August 2008

Sarah Palin Gives Hillary Shout Out, Gets Booed by GOP Crowd

Well, she tried.

John McCain's VP choice, Sarah Palin, spoke in Pennsylvania today, and, as in Friday's Dayton speech, she graciously mentioned Hillary Rodham Clinton as a groundbreaker. Yesterday they applauded. Today? Not so much:
But in contrast with the mild reception that greeted her comments at the Ohio event, when Palin praised Clinton here for showing “determination and grace in her presidential campaign,” the Alaska governor was met with a noisy mix of boos, groans and grumbles around the minor league ballpark where the “Road to the Convention Rally” was held.
Ouch. How are PUMAs going to take this? They're going to go and hook up with the party that tormented Senator Clinton for nearly twenty years? The crowd's reaction to Palin's mentioning Hillary testifies to the Republican base's objection to the Clintons--you know, the reason why Rush Limbaugh kickstarted Operation Chaos (a ploy, by the way, also pushed by Laura Ingraham).

The whole idea that Republicans were planning on voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the woman they vilified for well over a decade, was questionable, and this reaction to her name suggests that the GOP idea of Hillary as arch-villainess remains entrenched--at least, in Pennsylvania.

(Aside: I thought Pennsylvania was "Hillary country")

Update: Palin has excised references to Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferrarro from her stump speech.

Happy now PUMAs?

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