22 August 2008

The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric's Press Release

Here it is, folks. The un-vanishing of the CAACR's press release:


The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric announces the release of a new Ad concerning Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. This ad will be web released on the Coalition’s website and will be aired in both South Dakota and Montana on Monday and Tuesday.

Ad Location on Web: http://www.caacr.com/News.html

Washington, DC – May 30, 2008 – The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric has produced a new ad highlighting Coalition concerns with the Presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Included in the ad are excerpts from Obama speeches that indicate a lack of acknowledgement or respect for the principles of faith upon which this country was founded. In Obama’s own words, he describes the United States of America as a “Muslim nation and a Nation of Non-Believers”, while also saying that the US is “no longer a Christian Nation”. The ad also highlights the perception in the media and from some pundits who have treated Barack Obama’s candidacy as almost supernatural, with syndicated talk show host Oprah Winfrey referring to Obama as an “evolved leader” and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews calling his campaign of “the new testament”.

The campaign of Barack Obama has, at times, highlighted the worst in classism and disrespect toward American Christians that exists in our culture. In Barack Obama, the aforementioned themes have permeated his campaign. The Coalition wishes to provide voters in Montana and South Dakota (as well as voters across the US) with proof – in his own words – of Senator Obama’s disdain for people of faith and his disregard of our most precious traditions.

We will have a media contact available for interviews. Please feel free to contact the Coalition with any inquiries.

For information contact:

Mike Donovan

The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric


Phone: 206 [redacted]

Source: The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric

The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric is a group of committed, politically active persons of faith who stand against attempts to belittle, attack, demean or degrade people of faith or their religious traditions. The Coalition sponsors grassroots action to support the mission of the organization.

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