19 August 2008

Rumor Central: McCain & Solzhenitsyn

Those rumors that the nasty moonbatty libs started about John McCain ripping off Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn? Those nasty moonbatty libs didn’t start ‘em (although they, among others, have happily circulated the story). Review the following posts at Free Republic, and note the dates.

"freedomdefender"cites McCain's cross-in-the-dirt story.

"Driver Dave" states, "[l]ooks like McCain has been reading Solzhenitsyn," and then he cites an urban legend about Solzhenitsyn's experience in the Gulag. The Soviet prisoner never wrote it; rather, the story was retold by Chuck Colson and Jesse Helms. Andrew Sullivan offers a detailed discussion of the story at his blog.

So there you go.

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