27 August 2008

Clintons4McCain Blogger News

Following Cristi Adkins's Hardball fracas, the 'net exploded with bloggers seeking out further information on Clintons4McCain and its members. Circuit Boy has published a story that reveals Anne Franklin's alleged donations to Bob Dole and George W. Bush's campaigns (information courtesy of Open Secrets), and Robin Carlson, who stood beside Adkins in the Hardball clip (and who a poster identified for me. Thanks Anonymous!), may have given $300.00 to the Michigan Republican Party in October last year. I say "may" as some have posited that Ms. Carlson is actually a California resident.

Now these women may well be sincere Clinton supporters (although you have to wonder why they disapprove of Obama's stance on issues, such as "choice," when his position is often parallel to Clinton's). But the more that is revealed the more tempting it is to suppose that maybe someone decided to enlist these women to propel disinformation. But that's conspiracy theory time, and I tend to steer clear of conspiracy theories. But it sure is suspicious, isn't it? This collection of Republican-turned-"independent" Hillary supporters--especially considering the vast ideological and policy differences between Clinton and McCain. . . .

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