25 August 2008

A Curious Coincidence (updated)

When time grew close to the “Votergate08 Super Rally” (WA DC 5/31/08), someone alerted the press to a few “interview opportunities,” one potential interviewee supported Obama, the other supported Clinton. According to the release:
Interview Clinton/ McCain supporter: Cristi Adkins
Interview Obama Supporter: John LaCombe

Why is this noteworthy? Recall that one of the “All Voices Heard, All Votes Matter” organizers, the man who set up the “VoterGate08” website was Mike Donovan. And here is an interesting coincidence: it seems that a man named Mike Donovan is, or was, an associate of John LaCombe’s in a well-intentioned organization that aims to expose and eradicate those predatory lending companies that offer short term loans at extortionate interest rates. In fact, Donovan achieved a bit of fame when, in 2007, he turned whistleblower against one of these operations. This Donovan managed a Check ‘N Go; when he left his job, he made the company’s practices public. You can read notes from Donovan’s press conference about the situation here. Is the whistleblower Donovan the “VoterGate” Donovan, or is this but a coincidence?

Added: Even more peculiar! The Check 'n Go whistleblower Donovan is currently engaged in some "breach of contract" legal wrangling with Eastern Specialty Finance, Inc, which does business as Check ‘N Go. According to publicly available court documents, as well as other sources, the Check 'N Go Donovan shares an address with the Shenandoah Donovans (cf. Irondragonz).

Moreover, the Shenandoah Mike Donovan is currently wanted for writing bad checks and defrauding a hotel. You can view his "most wanted" photo here.

In another coincidence, a John LaCombe in VA has a MySpace page populated with friends that include TW and CS of those Shenandoah Donovans (and whose names are listed in the cached version of the CountAllVotes e-petition that preceded the Coalition Against anti-Christian Rhetoric's foray into notoriety. See here, here, and here).

It seems possible that Donovan introduced Adkins to LaCombe, considering that, by this point, he and Adkins already had an established association (see here).


Anonymous said...

Another coinkidink is on the Countallthevoutes petition.

The Cached version a "Melinda Fitzwater" signed, but that was deleted. Melinda Fitzwater is a REPUBLICAN DELEGATE for McCain.


mpandgs said...

Spot on! Her name was on the original but vanished from the current version of the petition. However, this is a different Fitzwater. The woman you're wondering about is has a different middle initial.