19 July 2008

Dominant Inconsistencies and Anti-Obamites

The Internet has grown heavy with the proliferation of anti-Obama groups. Some of these coalitions are, at least ostensibly, pro-Hillary Clinton. Some are bluntly anti-Obama while others play at concerned neutrality.

You might think that these groups, organized to make a splash in the ’08 election, would aim to make their online presence as transparent as possible so as to avoid any accusations of "dirty tricks," of being GOP front groups (a la the Cristi Adkins / Clintons4McCain story), or of "faking" their numbers (e.g., astroturfing) and thereby being dismissed by the media and/or the electorate.

I've noticed lately that many--indeed, the majority--of the anti-Obama but pro-Dem/Hillary groups share similar GoDaddy and Earthlink registrations. For now, I'd like to discuss the latter as it ties into something I've been rambling on about for the past month: that's right. We're back to America's Hope Foundation and Obama Hate Speech, which have recently joined the Just Say No Deal coalition.

The person who registered both sites has several other similar domains going, some of which have folded, some haven't gone live, and some are withering. The following material intrigues me as it forces the question, "why?" Why register so many websites, and under rather shady circumstances? Here are some of Jonathan Davis's/Jdawg's anti-Obama/pro-Hillary websites listed by their date of registration, domain name, and current status:

5/26 Votergate08.com (last updated 5/24)

5/26 Countallvotes.org (last updated 5/27)

6/05 Drafthillary2008.com (welcome message)

6/09 Americahopefoundation.com (welcome message)

6/09 Americashopefoundation.com (live)

6/09 Operationnobama.com (welcome message)

6/09 Usahopefoundation.com (welcome message)

6/18 Ohiofightsback.com (welcome message)

7/03 Obamahatespeech.com (live)

Each of these websites share the following registration information:

Organisation Name.... Jonathan Davis

Organisation Address. 166 blue mountain rd

Organisation Address. front royal

Organisation Address. 22630

Organisation Address. VA

Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name........... Jonathan Davis

Admin Address........ 166 blue mountain rd

Admin Address........ front royal

Admin Address........ 22630

Admin Address........ VA

Admin Address........ UNITED STATES

Admin Email.......... jdawg2008@earthlink.net

Admin Phone.......... +1.540[redacted]


1. The organization address, “166 Blue Mountain Road, Front Royal, VA,” does not exist.

2. The phone number for the registrant (504-xxx-xxxx) does not match the registrant’s name. Instead, the number belongs to a woman, V. I. Givens, who does live in Front Royal.

3. The email address is invalid.

The above, along with AHF's employment of a questionable (at best) "Reverend" prompts me to consider their motivation: why all the dissimulation if they're only concerned about Hillary's success? What other reasons might underlie their deception? And did they intentionally select the name of a KORN member for the registrant? Of course, this assumes that the registrant's name was fake, but there hasn't been much to cast doubts on that possibility.

Finally, as a source pointed out to me, the telephone contact information offered on Count All Votes does not belong to the name listed on the site: “Count All Votes” lists “Aaron McCauley” as their contact along with a Seattle-area telephone number. No Aaron McCauley exists at the telephone number. It belongs, instead, to a person named McCathern, who is, according to comments left on various blogs, a Clinton supporter. But to mismatch a name and number, well...perhaps they weren't really expecting anyone to call.

As I'm still pursuing some points, I've resisted drawing conclusions for the moment. I'm just sharing information for now and looking forward to building on this material. But I'd like to note: a zillion websites devoted to a cause does not equate with a zillion people being devoted to that cause. It doesn't even give the appearance of a zillion people being devoted to a cause. And people know you can "fake" a website, just as you can "fake" signatures on an online petition. So, again, why do it if you run the risk of discrediting your movement?

On another note: As I browse the anti-Obama sites, I keep coming across a line reasoning that equates with the thesis that "because 18 million voted for Hillary, none of them will vote for Obama." Either/or fallacy, folks. Look it up.

I'll return to the "GOP front group" issue soon.

Special thanks to questing horse--the anti-Rocinante.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the anti-Rocinante comment. It is much appreciated.

mpandgs said...

Absolutely, and my thanks to you.

Those seeming windmills may well be giants, my friend.

Anonymous said...

And giants may be taken down with a well-placed, seemingly inconsequential, rock.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your research.

mpandgs said...

Anonymous @ 16:05
Thank you; it's a collective effort, and I'm certain that all appreciate your comment.