12 August 2008

The Obama Birth Certificate Flop

I guess that "White" story didn't pan out, eh? (oops! I spoke too soon). I guess if one attempt to smear doesn't work, you move onto the next.

I'm sure you're well aware that a few bloggers have made it their mission in life (errr...this election cycle) to prove that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and is, therefore, ineligible for the presidency. This branch of the Obama conspiracy tree features several mutations, but it evolved out of claims that, since Obama was born in Hawaii, he isn't an "official" US citizen. From that point, the conspiracy theorists turned their collective eye to Africa and claimed that Obama is a citizen of Kenya. As these two allegations of Obama's citizenship didn't work out too well, the anti-Obamites moved on to claim that Obama was (and might still be!) a citizen of Indonesia. In fact, they've found that he's not even named Barack Obama: his "real" name is "Barry Soetoro."

How did these supersleuths uncover this supersecret info? TechDude--an anonymous genius who has discovered, after extensive analysis, that Obama's COLB (certificate of live birth) was forged (apologies for the cahed link: the "regular" link now leads to a 404 error). Unfortunately, "TechDude" isn't a supersleuth--he's a superfake! See Cannonfire for an interesting expose of the people who keep pushing the fake birth certificate story--including allegations that one of the story's primary supporters might be tied to Stormfront.

It also appears that the major stoker of the birth certificate fire is a female Larry Sinclair supporter. She's also an alleged PUMA (I say "alleged," as I'm unfamiliar with Hillary supporters who post at Free Republic).

Aside: Yes, Mr Cannon is fiercely anti-Obama, and I have no problem with that. I only take issue with people who choose to make unsubstantiated, intentionally harmful claims for the sake of sliming a public figure, no matter who that public figure might be. Besides, I get a kick out of Cannonfire.

A Further Aside: Enjoy David Weigel's take on the birth certificate conspiracy theories.


Anonymous said...

I would guess that your "female Larry Sinclair supporter" is none other than TexasDarlin, who is also a freeper.

mpandgs said...

Well, okay then. It is Texas Darlin,' and she is a Larry Sinclair supporter. Her philosophy seems to be as simple as "if it hurts Obama, I'll push it." She's an all-around smear merchant.

Oddly enough, both a "Gigi" (TD's alternate name)and a "TechDude" have posted at Stormfront.

I'm not overeager to post links to that kind of ugly, so if you'd like me to direct you to the site, please send an email (see blog).

mpandgs said...

Well, and what do you know.

I've just visited Wonk's, and I found there a link to "Yes to Democracy." At YTD, I discovered
someone posted that "TexasDarlin's" IP had been glimpsed at Larry Sinclair's former site.
Well, well.

TD is a Sinclair supporter; not because she believes him (so it's not a question of judgment), but because of what she hopes Sinclair can do.