19 August 2008

The Coalition Angainst Anti-Christian Rhetoric at MyBarackObama

It might seem a strange place to publicize their video, but the Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric (CAACR) have themselves a MyBarackObama page. The CAACR has a “community blog” page (although there are no entries). If you visit the CAACR profile, you find a new name and some interesting details:

Location: Washington DC
Issues: peace & social justice
Registered to Vote: Yes

For Peace and Unity

For “peace and unity”?

Anyway. “American Christian Coalition/CAACR” only left a pair messages on MyBarackObama blogs. Here they are:

On Sam Graham-Felsen's blog you find this comment:

By American Christian Coalition Jun 2nd 2008 at 5:04 pm EDT

Donate to a cause you can believe in by www.caacr.com

Go to Link

Help the Coalition get more air time on their ad circulating the blogs.

It seems a tad strange that they’d expect My BarackObama bloggers to rush to the CAACR’s aid, but nevermind. I guess you grab your audience where you can. This next comment is more interesting because of the questions it provokes. In response to a blog post that critiques Cristi Adkins right after the Clintons4McCain story broke, “American Christian Coalition” wrote:

By American Christian Coalition Jun 7th 2008 at 2:34 am EDT

Follow us over to Link [the link leads you to Clintons4McCain's website]

"Sour Grapes make Great Wine"

We're sore losers? Can't accept the outcome of the primaries? We want to "take our ball" and go home? We're racists?

Well, sour grapes make great wine and we are NOT accepting Sen. Obama to represent us in the White House. He doesn't represent us, or grassroots Americans. He represents elitism, class warfare, demagoguery, race-baiting and misogyny. That's his vision for America and the Democratic Party, not ours.

We object to him on many levels, but none have to do with the color of HIS skin. Clearly though he has a problem with color (or lack thereof) and if he isn't outright racist, certainly doesn't mind playing that race card. But it's not even a 'race' card per se, it's a color card. Because we believe there is only one race, the Human race. And people like Obama have been groomed just for this purpose, to use our diversity as a weapon to always have us fighting one another, always keep us divided. We are not accepting that and we are not accepting him.

We will vote for Senator John McCain and help defeat what we believe is evil in our midst and send a message loud and clear that we will be heard and we will not tolerate bigotry, separatism and everything else Obama clearly stands for.

Why is this interesting? The same thing is posted, word for word, on the Clintons4McCain “About” page. It’s the only other place on the web I can locate this “sour grapes” complaint.

Yes, it’s true that any old someone could have copied and posted the item to the MyBarackObama blog. Note well that it’s posted in response to a critique of Adkins, and rather than defend Adkins, the poster, who associates him-or-herself with both the CAACR and Clintons4McCain, repeats an affirmation of support for McCain.

ASIDE: It should be evident, but I should note that none of this is conclusive: this series of posts has presented a largely circumstantial case pointing towards Adkins's possible participation in a variety of activities that argue against Obama's candidacy. If Ms Adkins should wish to present her "side" of things or to alert posters of any corrections, she is welcome--and encouraged--to do so by contacting mp&gs via email.

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Anonymous said...

Circumstantial maybe but this really connects the dots. Allen Media Strategies is a right wing agency, so you KNOW this leads right to the Repugs. Sick.

I thought the Clintons4 McCain was all about telling the truth. so far there nothing but lies. See what they've written on the site about the 'Obama body count'. The DNC chief murdered last week was because he didn't like Obama.
Such crap.