26 August 2008

PUMApac's Racist Video?

Kevin K. at Rumproast has located and posted a three part video, produced by Puma members and recently uploaded to YouTube. The video, titled The Lost Michelle Obama Tapes, aims to be satire (that's my guess anyway), but it fails in every sense. We've got people in blackface, white "slaves," references to the "National Association for the Annihilation of Caucasian People" (NAACP, geddit?), and more.

Head over to Rumproast for the video.

This nonsense about the Obamas hating white people has been a consistent theme for PUMA and Clintons4Mcain. The fear that a black president will somehow work to exact revenge for slavery, Jim Crow laws, and so on is simply ludicrous, but it's a regular talking point for some (see the comments here for example, as well as Cristi Adkins's comparison of Obama to David Duke, famous Holocaust denier and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan).

Added: Here's a Michael Crowley article that discusses the "revenge" angle at The New Republic.

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