17 July 2008

And Featuring Rev. Tim L. Donovan, Lead Guitar for America's Hope Foundation

Review these photos.
The one at the left is of "Reverend" Tim L. Donovan, spokesman for "America's Hope Foundation."
The photograph at the right is from the MySpace site of "Irondragonz," a heavy metal band based in Shenandoah, Virginia (update: Irondragonz's MySpace now lists the band's location as Washington DC; they're still based in Virginia). Anyway, take a gander at the fella just under the wall clock. Pretty striking resemblance, wouldn't you say?

Among its members, Irondragonz features gentlemen by the names of Tim W. Donovan, songwriter and vocalist, and Tim L. Donovan, lead guitarist and, occasionally, drummer and vocalist. Tim W. and Tim L. appear to be father and son (respectively), and daddy's MySpace provides some interesting details about his home life:
Status: Married
Here for: Friends
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: obamaville next to crack town
Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic
Religion: Other
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Children: Proud parent
Education: High school
Occupation: slave trader
Charming, eh?

Oddly enough, two "Tim Donovans" appear on a "Count All Votes" e-peitition. From Google’s cache of that petition as retrieved on Jul 2, 2008 (I've redacted names not related to America's Hope Foundation, and I've left Ms. Adkins's just "because"):



7 Aaron McCauley

Shame on the DNC. They should know better.

[McCauley is Count All Vote's media contact]

10 Tim Donovan

count these votes!

11 Tim L Donovan

13 Cristi Adkins

All voices have a right to be heard and all votes matter. It is odd that a child of civil rights activist would 'hush' the voters of Florida and Michigan; regardless of the rationale. Incongruent of a 'Not Politics as Usual' mantra as well. Cristi Adkins

There's another name or two that I'm curious about, but I've removed them for the moment.

After America's Hope Foundation chose to discard their Sinclair ads, I thought to ignore them. Then I took a look at their YouTube page. Several of their anti-Obama videos ' titles use the word "white," as in, "hate of whites," "white greed,"and "just how white folks will do ya." This focus on how whites will be harmed by Obama certainly brings their motivation into question.

Of course, this whole thing could be publicity stirring shenanigans for their bar band. If so, it's a strange way to be garnering media attention.

Added: I forgot to include that a Timothy Donovan does reside in Front Royal, VA, but his address doesn't match that of the AHF/OHS registrant (actually, the registrant's phone number; the registrant's given address is not a residence). This Tim Donovan might not be affiliated with this group in any way. I know that seems unlikely, but I don't want to post unconfirmed material. There's enough of that going on at the moment. Oh, but I can add that it appears the entire Donovan clan supports Hillary Clinton. Four of them appear on the petition--they were so eager they even beat Cristi Adkins in signing their names.

Update: Since this post, Donovan the Elder has edited his MySpace page. Rather than revise his responses to the categories of "hometown" ("obamaville next to crack town") and "occupation" ("slave trader"), he's simply removed those categories from his "details" section.

August 16th: Please see this update.

Note: Many thanks are due Anti-Rocinante for aiding this post


Anonymous said...


Great post. It's highly unlikely that this is a publicity stunt for Iron Dragonz, although I'm sure it got them a gig or two, courtesy of "she who must not be named."

I have taken you up on your offer to e-mail, let me know your thoughts. I'm open to what's in my e-mail, or even a collaboration of some type.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you "missed" one of the pictures of our Reverend Tim on the myspace.com page. Much better, full face shot.

Anonymous said...

Well, it appears that the Mitch & Nan Show has "outed" the e-mail address and blog names at Sinclair's site. One that really interested me is "xbjllb@embarqmail.com" - None other than Leslie Bell of Nevada. She was a delegate for Clinton, and is responsible for "hillaryvotersformccain.com".

Anonymous said...

Per the Mitch and Nan show list, check out the IP address for "Profiler" - It's interesting to see where this IP is coming from.

Anonymous said...

Also, check out IPs for Number1Lurker

mpandgs said...

You are correct--there are many charming pictures of our "Rev" on the MySpace, but I decided to go with the moody, garage band pic. The resemblance is striking despite the darkness and the distance from the subject.

I'll be revising later today, so maybe I'll replace it with a full frontal facial.

mpandgs said...

Anonymous 2:
I saw M&N's wholescale outage. I'm a bit ambivalent about it as it looks like they included occasional posters as well as his regulars. However, M&N's post uncovered a huge number of sockpuppets.

I'm unsurprised that Ms. xbjllb is on the list. She's not so much pro-Sinclair as she is pro-Hillary--and poisonously so. But you're right that she's an interesting case.

If you ever read BHDC, she's a regular poster and she can really let loose every once in a while. The other week she was claiming that politicos manufactured 9/11 in order to distract the public's attention from the Levy/Condit situation.

mpandgs said...

Thanks Anonymous!
re: publicity stunt.
No, I'm giving "Irondragonz" and the two Mr. Donovans the benefit of a playful doubt (hah).

Also, my time is a bit cluttered today, but I will respond to your email soon.

Anonymous said...

She (llb) does seem to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I note one October 2007 posting, ostensibly by her, about the Mossad that is telling, at:


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The band was started by My son and I, Tim started playing when he was 17 and I've been playing and writing my own songs since I was 15, We have played at the littlegrill in Harrisonburg Va and in Manassas We have played at 2 private partys,


Reviews: OUCH


Anonymous said...

Localities: Virginia-Charlottesville