25 July 2008

Of Cancer and Adultery.

I'm off to accompany my beloved to a local Relay for Life event, but I want to post these two bits:

1) Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture, died today of cancer. He was 46 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year.

2) The husband of the amazing and admirable Elizabeth Edwards just might be a true ratbag—and we're talking ratbag of the first degree--if The National Enquirer is correct.

Rumors of an affair between John Edwards and a woman named Rielle Hunter have been floating around the tabloids and the Internet for nearly a year now, and the Enquirer has just published a story claiming that the magazine caught him at a late night rendevouz with Hunter. Read Slate's article here. I also recommend MondoReb's interview with David Perel, the Enquirer's editor-in-chief, here (note: DBKP has followed the Edwards story for some time now).

If true, this is disheartening to say the least. To think of John Edwards, once the Dem's golden boy, sidling up to Newt Gingrich and John McCain in the messing-around-while- married-to-a-very-ill-woman sweeps, especially considering that the sick woman is Elizabeth Edwards—well, it makes the stomach churn.

Aside: The difference between the Edwards rumor and the Sinclair rumor is that seems to be some actual evidence in support of the Edwards rumor. Sorry Sinclair supporters: this is the rumor that all those pundits were alluding to last autumn.

** Yes, I'm a few days behind as far as "breaking news" goes. Busy...

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