01 July 2008

In For a Whole New Kind of Ugly: America's Hope Foundation

Hold on to your hats, folks. A press release has just appeared online. Read:

America’s Hope Foundation, which plans to run TV and Radio ads in swing states throughout the United States from July to November, announces two new radio ads that will begin airing on July 2, 2008 in markets across the country. The ads may be heard on the Foundation’s website (see below).
The ad descriptions follow:

• Obama – Iran ad – This ad focuses on the discrepancies in Obama’s statements related to the nuclear situation in Iran. In his own words, Obama downplays Iran’s threat level, only to dramatically reverse himself two days after. This ad calls into question whether Obama, who seems to have such an elementary grasp of foreign policy issues, will be able to keep the American people safe in this time of war. This ad is airing in Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Indiana, and Alaska.

• Obama – Sinclair ad – This ad focuses on the allegations from Larry Sinclair, former Obama associate, who alleges that he and the Senator engaged in drug use and sexual activity together in 1999. The mainstream media has largely ignored Sinclair, but his statements must be brought to light so that they may be properly investigated. This ad is airing in Virginia, Florida, Colorado, and Nevada.
The ads will air over the next two weeks before a new round of TV and Radio ads are announced.

The Reverend Tim L Donovan, Executive Director of the America’s Hope Foundation, is available for comment and for interviews. Please use the contact below to inquire further.

"America's Hope Foundation" will run an ad about Larry Sinclair. What the heck? And they call him a "former Obama associate" According to who? Not even Sinclair has referred to himself as a "former Obama associate." And "properly brought to light"? It's been all over the internet for the past six months--it's not like the story has been suppressed. If Sinclair would produce some evidence, then the mainstream media--from Williams to Couric to Olbermann to Cooper--would be all over it.

But more on America's Hope Foundation:

Contact information from the group's website:

3445 Seminole Trail

Charlottesville, VA22911-7593

(800) 530-5106


Note: I don't endorse contacting these people for freakouts. Hate mail will only spur their bleating about persecution (see below); exposing the group would be more productive in the long run.

A whois search includes the following:

Domain Name………. americashopefoundation.com
Creation Date…….. 2008-06-09
Registration Date…. 2008-06-09
Expiry Date………. 2010-06-09
Organisation Name…. Jonathan Davis
Organisation Address. 166 blue mountain rd
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. front royal
Organisation Address. 22630
Organisation Address. VA
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

A little more investigation might be due here. It's possible that both names will be unveiled as either former "Hillary is 44" maniacs or as another set of GOPers fronting a site for those mythic disillusioned Democrats, you know--a site like "PUMA" or "Clintons4McCain/ClintonsFor McCain." Incidentally, I wrote on these last night. (For more on Reverend Tim L. Donovan see here).

Curiously, a search for "Tim L Donovan" results in a listing at a "Count All the Votes" e-petition--just two spaces above Cristi Adkins. Of course, there's no way of knowing if either "Tim L Donovan" is the one referenced in the news release, but I do find it interesting that a Tim Donovan seems so close to...Cristi Adkins (even if it is a matter of spaces on a generic e-petition).

Mostly though? I'm thinking that this "America's Hope Foundation" is yet another eruption from Sinclair's followers--a way of "sneaking" their ugly series of accusations (drugs, gay sex, murder, and so on) in the mainstream-and making themselves look even more foolish (if possible).

Okay, now despite all that I've written above, I 'm actually fine with this. Let me rephrase that. I'm not happy that people are going to give Sinclair's story more publicity as it's already been shot through with holes, and I'm not happy that they're going to use it intentionally to slime Obama--there's certainly no pretense at an ethical appeal here. It's intended to smudge him up so badly that, when the story is again discredited, people will yet wonder if there "might" be any truth to it (and of course there isn't).

The reason I am fine with it is because I'm sick and tired of people pretending that this story isn't "out there" and that journalists have ignored it (they haven't ignored it--they've reviewed it and found it devoid of credibility). It might well be worth taking a risk, and losing the few gullible voters (well, probably not a loss. Such people are likely the same ones who continue to insist that Obama is Muslim) just to make Obama's non-involvement perfectly clear and to stop the allegations once and for all. Besides, there's that whole first amendment thing. America's Hope Foundation has every right to say what they will. And Obama has every right to slap them, and Sinclair, with a lawsuit for slander.

Crikey. You'd think theses anti-Obama scamps would have learned their lesson when the "whitey" tape blew up in their faces. And the birth certificate thing. And the "Brother says Obama was a Muslim" thing. And the "Obama went to Rezko drug parties" thing. And the "long legged mack daddy pimp" thing. And the "Kenyan connection thing." I'm sure there are other examples of matter-thrown-but-unstickable, but it's getting towards logging off time.

My guess about this America's Hope Foundation thing: egg will be on some abashed faces soon.

Added 7/02/08: They've updated their website:
America's Hope Foundation will run both new Obama radio commercials, in spite of an attempt to harass and intimidate our organization�by Barack Obama supporters.
Conveniently, they've not included any examples or evidence of such harassment and intimidation. And how do they know if people who object to this nonsense are Obama supporters or not (plenty of people who refuse to vote Obama don't approve of this kind of tactic). But they have chosen to include a rather poor compilation of GOP-style anti-Obama talking points, most of which merely reiterate attacks that others have used to no avail (e.g., the "hate spewing pastor," the "clinging" comments, the Ayers thing, etc.). Such attacks might be more effective if they were applied more creatively or at least--dare I say it?--more intelligently.


UPDATE: America's Hope Foundation claims that its ads began airing today (Sunday, 06 July). We'll see.

One thing I'd like to add: whoever writes the prose on that site desperately requires an editor/proofreader.

UPDATE 2: After exploring Larry Sinclair's claims, America's Hope Foundation has withdrawn its ads featuring Sinclair. See this post.