24 July 2008

Ich Bin Ein Obama (ok--enough of the JFK puns)

I'd forgotten about Obama's appearance in Berlin today, but my beloved 'phoned to tell
me that 200,000 people had gathered in the streets
of Berlin to hear the candidate's speech.*

Full text of today's Obamatory here.
The UK Times account here.
The Guardian's story here.
Der Spiegel's article here.

I am so pleased, so proud, that an American--after these past five years of catastrophic foreign policies and willful antagonism towards our traditional allies--has inspired so many, many people throughout the globe.

I tell you what, if this man does not win the presidency, McCain would be well wise to appoint Obama to some kind of "global" ambassadorship. Obama can travel the world and remind allies and foes alike of the goodness and idealism that lies at the U.S.A.'s heart (in spite of the Current Occupant's disastrous eight year misrule).

Added: I've just seen that the Current Occupant has forbidden State Department employees from attending Obama's Berlin speech. Doesn't this interfere with freedom of speech rights? Ah well. Allegedly, this order was an attempt to maintain political neutrality. Okay, I'll buy that. But if it was McCain in Berlin, would the State Department issue a similar order?

* So how long before people begin concocting reasons to explain away Obama's crowds? If you recall, when 75,000 people attended his rally in Portland, pundits claimed that the crowd only showed up because a band, was playing the event.

Update and answer to question above: Not long at all! Apparently, Berliners were compelled to attend the speech because they wanted to see a reggae performer, Patrice, and a band called Reamonn, and not Obama after all! See here. Come on--you knew it was only a matter of time before someone would find a way to dismiss the Berlin crowd.

On another note: They finally got Radovan Karadzic. It's about f***ing time. Now sling him up and go all ling chi on his war criminal ass.

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