03 July 2008

Larry Sinclair's Complete* Criminal History

*Perhaps only partially complete. There may well be more to come.

Please visit this site for a series of allegations detailing Sinclair's criminal history, which includes, apparently, incidents that occurred not only when Sinclair was out of prison, but while he was incarcerated (and he's been incarcerated a lot). The bloggers supply specific evidence--dates, locations, case numbers, and more.

About the current charges in Delaware, Delaware Online claims that Sinclair attempted to pay for a hotel room with bad money orders. If you're at all curious about this fellow, please see Mitch and Nan's site for full details on other law-oriented items.

(UPDATE: From Delaware Online 12 July.)

To tell you the truth, I was shocked at the consistency of Sinclair's crimes--fraud. Deceit. Initially, I thought his record only centered on a few states--Colorado, Florida, and, most recently, Delaware--and a few incidents. But it seems more extensive than these. Remember Ben Smith's piece at Politico on Sinclair's criminal history? It seems that Smith only scraped the surface.

Note: Sinclair is due before the judge for an arraignment on criminal charges on Thursday, 03 July. His lawyer, a well-respected figure who thought he was being hired for a criminal matter, apparently viewed Sinclair's website, then promptly picked up the phone to call Sinclair. The attorney told Sinclair to "forget it." It's no shock, or it shouldn't be, anyways. The poor man thought he was being retained on a criminal matter. Then he discovered that Sinclair was telling his supporters the attorney's job was to help implicate Obama--it would help "get to the truth" of the matter and bring down Obama. The attorney saw this, along with Sinclair's accusations against Beau Biden, the Delaware Attorney General, and Senator Joe Biden (that they'd invented charges against him). The attorney realized he'd been played, and this is why the attorney backed out. He apparently didn't want to be associated with something as tawdry and questionable as Sinclair's story.

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Anonymous said...


Friday, July 11, 2008 at 9:54 am

Finally, the indictment states I am accused of stealing “property of the Rodeway Inn…” not of the owner of the Rodeway Inn idiots, so please get your stories straight before continuing to act like you know something.

“Lawrence W. Sinclair [. . . .] did take, exercise control over, or obtain property of, Rodeway Inn or of another person, consisting of United States Currency or other miscellaneous property valued at $1000.00 or more, intending to deprive that person and/or the owner of same, or to appropriate same.”