18 July 2008

A Virtual Sticky Note

I've been putting together a longish piece on the sites America's Hope Foundation and Obama Hate Speech; I'm fairly sure that I have conclusive evidence that a GOP front group, featuring some familiar names, is behind the two Virginia-based efforts. I say "fairly sure" because I'm awaiting final confirmation on a few items.

I also have some evidence that the people behind these groups include themselves among Larry Sinclair's supporters. However, although they might back his efforts, whether they actually believe him or not is another question entirely. They're more interested in bringing Obama down than vindicating Sinclair, which explains what happened earlier this week. America's Hope Foundation withdrew its Sinclair ads (just about the same time as the Ricki Lieberman noise was kicking off. Hmmmm). Of the cutting of ties, well, let's simply say that America's Hope Foundation incurred Sinclair's displeasure.

Anyways, check back tomorrow and things ought to be laid out nice and precisely for you.

Aside: It's a Friday night in July. I wonder if Reverend Tim L. Donovan has a gig?

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