15 July 2008

"America's Hope Foundation" Pulls Sinclair Ad

An update on a post from 01 July.

The anti-Obama organization, "America's Hope Foundation" (also see here) has decided against running the ads featuring Larry Sinclair's allegations.

In a post on the AHF sister site, "ObamaHateSpeech" (which features a charming little photoshopped picture of the candidate with horns, smeared/sneering lips, and a swastika lapel pin), the group's spokesman, "Reverend Tim Donovan," announced:

We initially felt that the SInclair matter was important for the American people to hear and investigate. We produced a radio ad and distributed it (in a very limited period of time and number of spots). We had planned to air a television ad related to the issue as well, and in preparation for that we launched a due diligence inquiry into the allegations. This is important for any organization that is going to produce or distribute material of a controversial nature. During this inquiry we found several issues that made us more uncomfortable with the material. At question, specifically, was whether Mr. Sinclair was consistent in answers to questions he has been asked in interviews and in public.

In response, Sinclair has attacked "America's Hope Foundation for its decision; he's gone so far as to call them a hoax created by the Obama/Axelrod/Biden trinity). To which Reverend Donovan replied that the group would not engage in an online battle, noting:

We simply no longer believe that the information in your allegations is in fact true, and therefore we cannot support it. Should we become convinced at a later time that your allegations are true, we may reconsider our decision. I will hold you in my prayers, as I know you must be going through a great deal. I would simply offer you one bit of advice, it seems you have a tendency to make enemies. While I am certain that there are Obama people focused on attacking you, I am also becoming convinced that more often than not these are folks you have needlessly attacked, slammed, or smeared. This is all prompting me to question your mental health — and believe me this is not an attack — but I think you need to be more careful in who you associate with, who you bring close to you, and when you choose to attack those who ask questions.

Admittedly, this came as quite a surprise to me. I'd anticipated that, sooner or later, bloggers or the MSM would discover that "American's Hope Foundation" was founded and supported by Sinclair and/or his associates. Instead, the group actually explored Sinclair's claims and, having found them lacking in credibility or evidence, suggested that he might be experiencing "mental health" issues. I'm sure that many bloggers had already concluded the latter point.

For the record, I'm not one of them.

UPDATE: As of 17 July, "America's Hope Foundation"/ "Obama Hate Speech" has joined forces with "Just Say No Deal," an umbrella organization consisting of PUMA types. Apparently, they haven't had much success at raising money. Or so they say.


Anonymous said...

MAybe they saw this:

Friday, July 11, 2008 at 9:54 am

Finally, the indictment states I am accused of stealing “property of the Rodeway Inn…” not of the owner of the Rodeway Inn idiots, so please get your stories straight before continuing to act like you know something.

“Lawrence W. Sinclair [. . . .] did take, exercise control over, or obtain property of, Rodeway Inn or of another person, consisting of United States Currency or other miscellaneous property valued at $1000.00 or more, intending to deprive that person and/or the owner of same, or to appropriate same.”

mpandgs said...

Thanks, Anon, Regardless, what matters is that "AHF" got wise and began asking continuity questions. At least they were concerned about "due diligence."

(did you need to post this 3x? I'll let it stand, but overboard? Also--cite?)