16 July 2008

Not One Shred of Dignity

Tonight, Larry Sinclair appeared on Hal Turner's show to repeat the same tired claims.

Turner mocked Sinclair by playing "songs" about gay men and freeloaders; he played "jokes" about homosexuals. He told Sinclair that he hates him "on principle."

Mr. Sinclair, you worry about bloggers, and you define them as enemies out to destroy you and your credibility. Look in any available mirror. There's your enemy.

Maybe you should have listened to your supporters who actually preferred that you maintain dignity by skipping Turner's program. The rest of them? I'm sure you did them proud.

Addition: Sure enough
[ZZZZ] Says:
Larry, great interview — I am really proud of you —

Added two days later: a Sinclair supporter, JoAnn Bjorkman, reconfirms the nexus of Sinclair's believers and unbridled racism when she sends her thoughts to The Mitch and Nan Show:

Obama is a nigger, a fag, a shame to our country and to that hag of a wife. Take that and stuff it in your mouth cause it seems that is all you can do….run that mouth.

I'm sure that Ms. Bjorkman was pleased as punch with Sinclair's Hal Turner interview. She probably had a good laugh at his expense (all those gay jokes) while simultaneously thrilling to the idea that Hal Turner can somehow help put that uppity candidate back in his place.

Are you really, truly, sincerely just fine about this, Mr. Sinclair?

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