22 July 2008

Fresh Astroturf for the Presidential Campaign

To think that this all began with an a minister of the church of Metallica.

Once we began to look into America's Hope Foundation, we were lead to look into other anti-Obama organizations--most disguised as pro-Hillary sites--and we've learned that there's some serious astroturf being laid out. Curiously, much of it originates from beyond the USA's borders, including Canada and Madeira.

We'll be relating our findings soon (admittedly, there's so much material that it takes some time to sort through it all), but rest assured--the GOP is involved. The RNC's hand isn't always in this jar, but it surely seems as though some dedicated Republicans and social conservatives (not at all the same thing) have gone out of their way to blanket the Internet with blogs and pacs to give the impression that all of the 18 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries, plus a million or so more, are telling the wicked DNC (insert devil laugh) to nominate Hillary OR ELSE.

This does not imply that the majority of Hillary Clinton's supporters are GOP operatives; rather, many are "true" Democrats whose anger or frustration has been channeled and manipulated by groups organized along the lines of Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos.


Anonymous said...

The ARE in full astroturfing mode and I can't believe that people are going for it.

I think its like that Head On commercial. After hearing the ad about a million times you might think about buying it. But you only think about it after hearing "use directly on your forehead for about a million timesbar
barberella bay b

Anonymous said...

It will get worse, much worse.

Follow the money (or GOP desperatation). I bet you top dollar that you can trace all or most of it to a certain fat loss center in Viginia who has ties to a certain media company in DC.

mpandgs said...

Anon 2
This is a much belated reply to your comment, but yes, I've heard that Cristi Adkins is deeply involved in the Clinton "trojan" sites (the horse, not the virus). As yet, however, there is only speculation and little evidence. As I'm sure you know, many, many people are researching the issue and we'll find out if she's linked to the Republicans soon enough.

mpandgs said...