26 July 2008

Is PUMA Supporting Larry Sinclair?

In his latest call for cash, Sinclair offers some goodies along the lines of a PBS telethon: he'll send you a bumper sticker for $15.00 and a dvd of his NPC event for $35.00, but the big prize? According to Mr. Sinclair's site,

Each person contributing $100 or more, you will receive one PUMA08 T-Shirt

Either Larry Sinclair is counterfeiting PUMA wear or else PUMA has donated t-shirts to his cause.

Which is it?

If the PUMA group, whether as PumaPac or Puma08, is not associated with Sinclair, they better move fast before their efforts, and their name, get muddied up with his unverified allegations of drugs, gay sex, and murder.

If they have donated gear to Sinclair to help his legal battles, well, what can you say about a group that willingly associates with someone with a 27 year criminal history and who has links to Hal Turner and the Vanguard News Network?

UPDATE: A reader has corresponded with Will Bower this morning, and, apparently, he was quite shocked to learn that Sinclair was issuing PUMA08 shirts (she posted text to one of the emails the comments section below).

Mr. Bower contacted Mr. Sinclair and Montgomery Blair Sibley and had them adjust the wording of Sinclair's offer. The number "'08" has been removed from the t-shirt design, and Sinclair has rephrased his donation plea. However, Mr. Bower won't request that Sinclair desist from using "PUMA":
Alas, PUMA and "Party Unity My Ass" is now a movement that no one really owns.
If it were, then the sportswear company would have more at stake than we would.
I do appreciate your concern, but this one isn't really in anyone's hands at this point.

As an aside: Bower cc'd his email to three women; evidently, my pal wasn't alone in voicing concern about the PUMA-Sinclair "connection."

Note: Apparently, one of Sinclair's major supporters (and one who has admin rights on his blog) is a North Carolina-based real estate broker who has a sideline in Sasquatch research and UFO watching. Why does this not surprise me?


Betty Cracker said...

Birds of a feather, I say. My guess is that PUMAs are 20% whiny sore losers and 80% GOP shills. Murphy is a GOP shill.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We are in no way affiliated with Larry Sinclair and had no knowledge that we would be using our movement to generate funds for himself.

I will, however, contact his attorney and respectfully ask that they do not use the term "PUMA08".

Thank you

mpandgs said...

"Birds of a feather, I say. My guess is that PUMAs are 20% whiny sore losers and 80% GOP shills. Murphy is a GOP shill."

Indeed--it certainly looks like there are more shills than disappointed Democrats, Betty C.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI-

One of Larry's supporters said earlier this week that they purchased 15 PUMA T's and were giving them to Larry to use for fundraising. Surely that's where the brilliant idea for his latest fundraising attempt comes from.

mpandgs said...

Anonymous 18:55,
Thanks for the fyi--I hadn't noticed that. I'll trawl through his site if I get a bit of time later on.

Even so, shouldn't Sinclair make it known that the t-shirts were donated to him by an individual who had purchased them, therefore placing distance between himself and PUMA?

I guess that, regardless of whether these are PUMA-issued shirts or not, Sinclair is now tied to PUMA in quite a concrete way.

Anonymous said...

From $inclair site:
Re: T-Shirts / “PUMA08″?
From: William Bower
Sent: Sat 7/26/08 3:26 PM
To: Lawrence Sinclair

That looks great, Larry! Thank you!

And no worries about it. I understand how that goes!

Thanks again for working with me on this one. I hope your drive is a successful one!

Hmmm. He hopes the drive is successful ? Bower met with John McCain and a few days later he went to Sinclair's pc. He said the story shoudn't be written off and that msm needed to look into it it.

mpandgs said...

Anon@ 14:38
Thanks for the fyi; truth to tell, I've not been lingering over there lately.

It looks to me like Bower was trying to placate Sinclair, possibly to avoid being sucked into the lawsuit frenzy the latter has got going on. Either that or he's trying to have his cake and eat it too (encouraging Sinclair but then distancing himself). Regardless, he's failed, and I am surprised considering Sinclair's recent dealings with the likes of Hal Turner.

As I wrote yesterday, with his supporters sporting those shirts (and with Sinclair publishing correspondence with Bower), Sinclair is now tied to Bower and PUMA in a concrete way.

Anonymous said...

Bower = shill. Sinclair = serial lawsuit filer (and FELON).

Bower better hope that Sinclair doesn't decide to whip up a new suit and come after him. It would expose PUMAs relationship with the GOP and the Repub relationship with Sinclair


Anonymous said...

I note that Sinclair's site is not only "suspended" or "disabled," but GONE!

mpandgs said...

RE: Sinclair losing his site:

It IS gone! Vanished! Not even a status-notifying banner!

Holy Moses! When did that happen?
See what happens when I go to work?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the big surprises always happen while we're at work!