28 July 2008

Sinclair Loses Blog No. Two

Larry Sinclair's most recent site has been removed completely, and, according to his site host, there will be no return. Again, there's no coming back to Hostmonster for Larry Sinclair. See the details and communications with Hostmonster at The Mitch and Nan Show.

It should come as no surprise; he's consistently violated their terms of service by publishing personal information of those he claims are attacking him (including home addresses and residential and business phone numbers), he encourages his posters to investigate anonymous bloggers who post at sites that oppose or debunk Sinclair's activities and accusations, and he posts recordings of telephone calls that he makes to retaliate against his harassers (any hypocrisy there?). Anyway, he went all out on one woman, she complained, and Hostmonster said "enough is enough. Bye." Once again, Mr. Sinclair confirms that he is his own worst enemy. He deliberately ignores the host's terms of service, so naturally they'll disable or remove his blog. He cannot place this at the feet of any public authority or private blogger: this is his own doing.

Will he resurface? Of course he will. At the very least, he'll appear by proxy on sites by supporters Citizen Wells and Cao. The notoriety, the donations, and the winks of approval from groups such as PUMA and Clintons4McCain are probably too satisfying to surrender. Moreover, at this point, Sinclair has nothing left to lose. He's due in New Castle County superior court (DE) in a week or two, and after that, who knows?

UPDATE: He's back, and this time with StartLogic. Terms of service here. I wonder how long it will take before he (or is supporters) violate the company's terms of service, for certainly it was for this reason that Sinclair was asked to leave Wordpress and Hostmonster. If he could leave the overtly racist and the publishing of people's private information aside, he might have a permanent online home. While he might argue that others "out" various netizens, I'd suggest that "when others do it" he or the outed parties contact authorities and avoid retaliation.

Special thanks to "Anonymous" for the heads up...I was at work and unaware that Sinclair's blog had gone dark.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The IP address pings to Endurance International Group, but the SSL certificate is through Startlogic. EIG had acquired IPower, whose CEO was Thomas Gorny. Gorny is now CEO of Startlogic. Unsure of relationship between EIG and SL.

Anonymous said...

EIG does own Startlogic.

mpandgs said...

Hi anonymous.
Sure enough, it looks like Sinclair's set himself up with a Conservative businessman. It could be pure coincidence, but I'll stay open minded. :)

I try to keep in mind that when Sinclair held his press conference, he organized it through "Veritas Federal Media." Many people tried to link that name to "Veritas Media Group," which was founded by a very Conservative fellow. However, the fellow had nothing to do with Sinclair, and he was mortified when his name began appearing online as someone who was "sponsoring" Sinclair.

But like I said, I'm open minded. For all I know, this Gorny fellow is Porky Pickens, late of the wordpress site.