20 July 2008

Sinclair: Blog No. Two Goes *poof*

While messing around on the Internet this a.m., I wandered over to Larry Sinclair's new site (he was booted off of Wordpress last week). To my surprise, the following message appeared:

This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the support department as soon as possible, and please have your site name ready.
Admittedly, I haven't been checking in to see what Sinclair's been up to this week, at least not regularly, so I can't say why he's been shut down. My guess? Threats, posting someone's private information, revealing confidential information (e.g., the attorney Richard Wier; Sinclair placed his phone message online), inciting his regular posters to investigate and disrupt people's private lives, etc. Take your pick. Naturally, I'll offer a caveat: this could well be something inconsequential, like a software goof.

It's doubtless that we'll soon hear why the site went down; Sinclair will resurface somewhere, somehow. And after complaining that his site was sabotaged by bloggers, or that the DNC was trying to silence him, he'll confess, sooner or later, that Hostmonster suspended the site due to some error in Sinclair's own judgment or abilities.

UPDATE: Sinclair's site now displays the announcement:
This Domain (larrysinclair0926.com) Has Been Disabled
As the banner also includes instructions for restoring the the site, I'm assuming that Hostmonster has not terminated Sinclair's account, so we can expect him to amend his site and return any time now.

FYI: Hostmonster's terms of service.

UPDATE2: It's back! And this is a good thing because DBKP has been preparing a three part, detailed debunking of Sinclair's story, and they'll be needing his site for research purposes. If you haven't reviewed their library of Sinclair-related articles, I recommend that you head on over there and take a look at what Little Baby Ginn and MondoReb have cooked up for you.


Anonymous said...

I heart heart heart dbkp-

when did you start moderating? when will you stop? What happend to free flow and the first amendment?


mpandgs said...


I began moderating because I was getting some strange, rather disturbing messages from supporters of a certain litigious fellow who shall remain nameless.