05 September 2008

Cristi Adkins Hits the MSM

(a repost with updates & additions)

So what’s the easiest (laziest) way to dismiss reports of pro-Hillary/anti-Obama activist Cristi Adkins’s apparent involvement in political smear jobs? Claim they are lies perpetuated by “Obama’s paid bloggers." So what do you call it when the MSM starts asking questions? Let’s look at two articles: one from NPR and the other from The New York Observer (we’ll not include Hardball here, but check out her appearance with Chris Matthews if you’ve not seen it. Heck, check out Adkins on The Daily Show while you’re at it. You can also review the "frequent Fox News Channel television and radio contributor['s]" appearances on programs such as Hannity and Colmes and Neil Cavuto's show).

A reporter at National Public Radio has written the piece, Strange Bedfellows Behind Anti-Obama 'Turban' Ad. It's part of NPR’s "Secret Money" project, which tracks and reports on Democratic and Republican pacs and 527s. This particular well-researched article focuses on Cristi Adkins, fellow pro-Clinton organizer Mike Donovan, and the group, The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric. You might recall the The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric produced a notorious anti-Obama ad based on the re-editing of a speech Obama gave in 2006. The ad was timed to air just prior to the Montana and South Dakota primaries. Do take the time to read the NPR piece to get the full scoop. For now, let's focus on a few key points.

The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric ad was pulled after one showing. According to the article, the real reason behind the pull is that nobody paid the television station for airing the ad (it appears that the ad’s producer, Mike Donovan, is to blame for this). Once it became evident that there was no money to pay for broadcast, Allen Media Services "canceled the buy." Allen Media Services is owned by Cristi Adkins’s husband, Burke Allen (Adkins). Allen also provided a voiceover for the ad, by the way. Additionally, the ad’s videographer was left high and dry: he had to chase people down in order to get some sort of reimbursement for services.

Another point of interest in the article:

[the videographer] says Adkins originally wanted to depict Obama with devil horns juxtaposed with images of Hitler [. . . .] Adkins acknowledges she wanted to show the disturbing similarities she saw between audience reactions to Obama and Hitler. As for the horns, the hypnotherapist says, "I might have said, 'Can you put a subliminal shadow in?' I don't know that I said put devil horns.

Nice evasion there. Note that the imagery mentioned in the article--the mish-mash of Satanic and Nazi symbols. While that didn't make the CAACR ad, it certainly made another site that Mie Donovan appears to have played a role in: Obama Hate Speech (see images here and site registration here).

By the way, Adkins declines to mention who made up The Coalition Against anti-Christian Rhetoric. Was there ever a "roll call" of members? Who were the Coalition's officers? Did any MSM reporters contact or interview any of the group's members? We seem to have hit a blank here. In the NPR article, we learn that the videographer believes the "coalition" was Adkins. This might make some sense when, rather than distance herself from the Coalition and its controversial ad, Adkins claims that, once her newer organization, Clintons 4 McCain, " own[s] the ad" they "might use some form of it to blast Obama again." Consider yourselves forewarned, then.

Someone posted a comment or two here the other week claiming that the NPR story would vindicate Adkins. Not so. It's an objective piece, but it confirms Adkins's involvement with this scurrilous political action.

Also take a peek at “Encyclopedia Google and The Case of The Anti-Obama Hypnotherapist” at The New York Observer. This article gathers in the NPR report, Adkins’s appearance on Hardball, and a few other items in an attempt to answer the question: who is Cristi Adkins?

Added: Elizabeth Rauber at The Huffington Post has analyzed, and discredited, the "report" Ms. Adkins referenced on Hardball.

In the past week, since the news broke, several blog posts have appeared aiming to paint Ms. Adkins the victim of a pro-Obama blogging collective. But it's worth asking: is it this sudden rush to protect and defend Adkins simply a means of deflecting the fact that she’s been discovered as an active participant in a cynical anti-Obama smear job?

And, for Heaven's sake, will you conspiracy theorists get over yourselves already? Obama and his campaign have nothing to do with m, p, & g s. (heads up: there are no "paid bloggers").

Added: The New York Times has published brief details on the Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric's ad, titled "Obama Godlike," here.


Anonymous said...

It's all there to take this back to Rove and the RNC.

Peter said...

Peter Boykin (not verified) says:
I can tell you this that clintons4mccain.com is not and has never been a Republican undercover website. It was not registered by the RNC but by a private citizen who donated the sites domain name to our organization.

I know this because I helped design the layout of the page. I am one of the Webmasters who helped get the site together. I am a Hillary supporter. I am NOW a McCain Supporter.

I would have been on more media like Cristi but I do not have the time to fully campaign. So Cristi has been given the task to bear the weight of the Media and the constant attacks by the Obama supporters.

Christi Adkins, along with Anne Franklin, Peter Boykin and other Clinton supporters, created Clintons4McCain.com.[8] Adkins’ organization is composed of volunteers who donated time, effort and energy to elect Clinton, and now feel Hillary was subjected to unfair attacks during the campaign by "sexism, misogyny, reverse racism and ridicule."[33] Clintons4McCain.com is "opposed to the DNC, the media and Hollywood's influence in the Democratic nomination process."[33] The group’s membership intend to vote for Republican John McCain in November, and believe that John McCain would be tolerable.[33] Adkins has been interviewed on Fox News on multiple occasions about the mission of the PUMA organization.[34] Adkins was interviewed by Chris Matthews of MSNBC outside the Democratic National Convention in Denver. [1]

Diane Mantouvalos, who also founded HireHeels.com, a website trying to get women involved in politics[8] founded “Just Say No Deal.com” along with Peter Boykin (creater of the slogan for the domain name), Will Bower, Cristi Adkins, and Thuc Ngyuen after Hillary Clinton announced her suspension of her campaign. Just Say No Deal is a coalition of groups, including PUMA, advocating against the selection of Barack Obama as the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee.[8][32]

I would like to say this. After I watched last nights speech ( I might
not agree with everything he wants)

But as much as I love Hillary and wanted her to be President (she will
be one day)

I am VERY proud and HAPPY to VOTE for MCCAIN.
That HERO deserves the position of Commander and Chief, he does not
want the position for personal gain he have given his life to AMERICA.

I cried during moments of the speech, I saw someone who reminds me of
my (grand paw) Regan and I very much

Obama just wants to be President for his own Personal gain and his own
just self-centered nature, he is not going to
care about making his promises or doing a damn thing in office, and he
sure is not loyal to this nation.

McCain knows that you have to fight in order to win, just like the
police must fight a war on crime, we have to
fight a war on terror. We have to police the world, there is no peace
without security.

McCain unlike Bush understands what it means to be Comander and
understands exactly what he is sending troops into.
Those brave people like McCain fought for us and still fight for us
and give us the Freedom and the country we Love.

God Bless America,

Peter Boykin

Peter Boykin
For President 2020

Anonymous said...

The reason that so many people see Obama as dangerous is because of the manner in which his 'cult' like followers 'attack' mere citizens or anyone else who disagree.

We saw the danger of this breed frequently throughout the democratic primaries: threatening delegates, killing pets, pulling web sites off the net simply because they disagree with Obama.

Obama's dangerous supporters are simply ignorant to anything but 'OBAMA' at this point and anyone with a criticism of the oneness falls under attack.
This mimics totalitarianism at its finest...and Obama isn't even in the white house yet.

Obama support sites such as this one justify their attacks based on what? Why are you attacking the coalition leaders of Just Say No Deal or Clintons for McCain or anyone who oppose Obama?

Why are these attacks so rampant by Obama supporters? You've asked far more questions of these coalition leaders than of Obama himself.

Note this article: http://stevemaloneygop.blogspot.com/2008/09/sarah-palin-cristi-adkins-heroines.html

Insight into the Obama supporters tactics at a few websites will be the next goal moving forward. Sites like these are SMEAR sites of anyone who oppose Obama.

Keep in mind, these are smear sites for ANTI Obama supporters that do not give their real names or identities.

I think that if you want to pick a fight, you've probably picked the wrong crowd...last advisement on that.

Take your money that Obama pays you, buy a sandwich and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

How often have we lived full days as though there were no G-d at the end of America's shore to help us? How often have we trudged the steep hill upward as though the G-d we knew was not there and before us were nothing but bleak despair? This is what the american people feel today, the true americans, the americans who love our flag, the americans that love our Yeshua, the americans that fight for our freedoms. Cristi Adkins is one of those faithwalkers. Whether you like her or not, she is doing what others are refusing to do. Asking the qualification of Obama. There is something about him beyond the grave that fills our hearts with dreadful awe and solemn wonder. Who is this man who at 25 had a Saudi Arab to introduce him and groom him for our nation? Who is this man that millions have been spend from the arabs to educate and to make him successful? Who is this man that was introduce to an american terrorist that later would introduce him to shady individuals that would help him succeed? Yes, Cristi Adkins has every reason to ask these question, for she is a patriot and not a rebel american radical. Why is our airwaves control by a powerful man who is an enemy of Yeshua's land. Why is he restricting the same airwaves to not report negative things against Obama? This land "is our land" and this land will prosper without any socialist views of the democrats and of the people who call themselves Judeo-Christians but in reality are muslims.

mpandgs said...

Peter Boykin,
No one disputes your wish to vote for Senator McCain, nor the fact that Democrats might vote for Senator McCain (and if you reviewed the blog further, you would see that). In fact, I'm glad to know that the Senator's speech moved you.

mpandgs said...

anonymous @ 8:16,
I truly don't see this being linked to Karl Rove at all.

mpandgs said...

I think there is a serious case of "pot" and "kettle" happening here, "anonymous" at 13:57.
"Obama support sites such as this one justify their attacks based on what? Why are you attacking the coalition leaders of Just Say No Deal or Clintons for McCain or anyone who oppose Obama?"

1. That the blog attacks "anyone who opposes Obama" is an absolute untruth if you reviewed the blog. any criticisms focus on questions about specific activities that may or may not have performed by certain individuals and *not* at the "Democrats for McCain" movements in general. Indeed, similar questions to those posed at this blog have been raised within the pro-Hillary Clinton movement.

"Insight into the Obama supporters tactics at a few websites will be the next goal moving forward. Sites like these are SMEAR sites of anyone who oppose Obama."

2) What smears are present? Please identify them and we can see about corrections.

"Keep in mind, these are smear sites for ANTI Obama supporters that do not give their real names or identities."

3) Again, what smears? I won't be drawn into a discussion of "revealing names" when responding to an anonymous comment.

"I think that if you want to pick a fight, you've probably picked the wrong crowd...last advisement on that."

4) I'm sure this isn't a threat; please elaborate.

Peter Boykin For President 2020 said...

What I do not like is the one sided attacks against Cristi Adkins and the continued farse/false rumors that are put out there that Clintons4McCain.com is a RNC secret site and that we are just a bunch of Republicans acting like Hillary Supporters to trick people.

I donated to Hillary (never have donated before and frankly did not have the money to do it when I did but I did it) don't know why it is not showing up under website showing donations.

I have been a Democrat and registered and now thinking of just becoming registered as a independent. I don't want to give my allegence to just one party right now. It seems like both parties are going through changes some good and some bad.

I do know that I am Happy to vote for McCain this time around. We will see how I feel in 4 years.

But, I am telling everyone that Clintons4McCain was not founded by the RNC and has been operated by all party affiliations Rep, Dems, and Independents working together in Unity against Obama in 08, for various reasons we have many.

We all have different issues with Obama. I just wish that before these "Obama supporters" take issue with us they contact us and open a dialogue with us so no more mistruths are told.

Anonymous said...

I thought it wasn't a smear if it was true?
Is she saying none of it's true?

Tracy Karol said...

Cristi is an Independent. She's also a friend of mine, and I know the complete story behind the whole videography deal. The "smears" against Obama are not smears -- they are facts. If you want to go after someone (and aren't you getting sick of going after Cristi?) I'm sure you will soon be going after our next Vice President. You are welcome to come after me. I'm also Independent. I supported Hillary, but voted for McCain 8 years ago and in the GE it would have been a tough call -- when it comes down to it, he is the best person for the job. Of course, with Obama running against him, he is the ONLY person for the job. And I've never voted for a Republican for president, other than McCain in the primary in 2000, in my life. But the DNC is no longer "the party of FDR and JFK" -- it's the part of BHO. Hell, they might as well rename it the BNC.

No, Cristi was never backed by Republicans, nor am I, or was I. But they did welcome me. And now, after what I've seen people like you and the current crop of Dems do, I refuse to vote for any Dem -- in any election.

Anonymous said...

Karol. . .Meh. Not worth a response eh?