01 September 2008

Rumor Central: Palin Is Not a Grandmother (Yet)

Woosh....Conspiracy theorists have settled on Sarah Palin, her daughter Bristol, and her infant son, Trig, who was born on 18 April.

Over the Labor Day weekend (how appropriate!) bloggers, such as this one, began issuing claims that Sarah Palin's son is, in actuality, her 17 year old daughter's child. You see, Palin masked the "shame" of the infant's illegitimacy by pretending the child was her own.


Much of the rumor is based on assumptions and questionable evidence; in just one example, a photograph showing the daughter's "baby bump" is produced to "prove" that she was pregnant. Problem: apparently, the photo was taken two years ago. Moreover, consider that the older the mother is, the greater the chance that her baby will be born with Down Syndrome.

To top it all off, Governor Palin has just announced that her daughter is currently five months pregnant (and intends to marry the man who impregnated her). If the young woman is this far along, then we can take this as confirmation that she couldn't be Trig's "real" mum: it's highly unlikely that a woman can get re-impregnated the very same month that she gives birth.

I do wonder if the McCain folks knew about this pregnancy before they settled on Palin? It might be that Bristol has just told her parents the news, but is it easy to hide a pregnancy that is five month along? But then, it doesn't really matter. The daughter will "do right" in Conservative eyes by both marrying the father and keeping the baby.

Some people may justify this rush of rumor-mongering on the public's lack of knowledge about Palin, just as they blame the wealth of gossip about Obama on the fact that "people don't know about him," but this is a nonsense excuse. It's simply because they are in the public eye, and because they are vying for powerful positions, and powerful people attract conspiracy theories like nothing else (expect, perhaps, flying saucers).

Update 12/29: NOW Sarah Palin is a grandmother. Per Politico:
Bristol Palin, 18, gave birth on Sunday and named the boy Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, the magazine reported. He came into the world weighing 7 pounds and 4 ounces.

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