08 September 2008

McCain's Bouncing

It keeps going. This morning, Real Clear Politics puts McCain at an average of 2.3 points ahead of Barack Obama.

In five of the six polls Real Clear Politics cites, the senators are, essentially, tied. However, in a USA Today/Gallup “survey of 1,022 adults, including 959 registered voters,” McCain leads by ten points. More specifically, the poll, conducted 5 - 6 September, shows:

John McCain leading by four points among registered voters (50-46) and ten points (54-44) among those most likely to vote in November. That represents a 13-point net swing in McCain's favor since the last USA Today/Gallup poll taken in late August before both conventions:

Now that the conventions are over, we’ll probably see the numbers return to a minimal three point difference, and the race will remain a close one for the upcoming 57 days, just as several pundits forecast some time ago.

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