09 September 2008

About That "17 Page Congressional Report" on Obama. . .

Remember that "17 page report by a Congressional investigator" that Cristi Adkins (of Clintons4McCain and The Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric) mentioned on Hardball the other week? Apparently, it's all bunk. Adkins sent a copy to The Huffington Post, along with a second "report," written by a "Judah Benjamin,"* that makes the case that Senator Obama is ineligibile for the presidency. Anyway, after some careful research and interviews with Adkins, her fellow Clintons4McCainer Evelyn Adams, and several attorneys (including the esteemed Erwin Cherminsky), the HuffPo concludes both documents are of "doubtful authority" and consist of "flimsy and biased arguments." Read the article by Elizabeth Rauber here.

Ah, who is the Congressional investigator? It's not Dave Bossie. It's Paula Abeles. I. am. not. making. that. up.

* In this case, "Judah Benjamin" appears to be a pseudonym. You might be interested to know that the original Judah Benjamin (1811-1884) was a major architect of the Civil War:
A founder of the Illinois Central Railroad, a state legislator, a planter who owned 140 slaves until he sold his plantation in 1850, Judah Benjamin was elected to the United States Senate from Louisiana in 1852. When the slave states seceded in 1861, Confederate President Jefferson Davis appointed Benjamin as Attorney-General [. . . .] Benjamin later served as the Confederacy’s Secretary of War, and then Secretary of State.
Apparently, when Lincoln was assassinated, "[Jefferson] Davis and Benjamin were suspected of having plotted the event." The rumor was ill-founded, but Benjamin fled the country following the war's end as he feared he couldn't "get a fair trial if charged with Lincoln's murder."

Isn't it curious that this "historian," one who is determined to prove that Obama is legally prohibited from becoming president, adopts this man's name as a pseudonym? It sort of adds to his credibility, doesn't it?

(Aside: Abeles was in the news last month when she claimed that she witnessed Democratic volunteers offering to pay people to register to vote. According to No Quarter, she's also involved in a group called "Real Democrats USA," which speaks out against the DNC's treatment of Senator Clinton).


Anonymous said...

Adams said she spent three months trying to dig stuff up and Benjamin wrote he spent three months trying to dig stuff up.
You don't think....

Anonymous said...

Evelyn Adams is MommaE and she is STILL peddling this "ineligibility" story.