24 September 2008

WSJ/NBC Poll: Voters Unsure About Palin

The Wall Street Journal's latest poll (in conjunction with NBC) suggest that McCain's pick may not have satisfied many people beyond the Conservative base:

Asked, “Do you feel that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president if the need arises, or is she not qualified to be president?” 49% of all respondents said the Alaska governor is not qualified while 40% said she is.

If elected, John McCain, at 72 years old, will be the oldest president ever sworn in to a first-term. Questions about McCain’s age have persisted in the campaign, and the Arizona senator himself has said that voters need to have confidence that his running mate will be ready for the Oval Office.

This doesn't look good. There is room for growth, however. Her numbers might improve following the interview with Katie Couric, and we can assume she'll be coached to the Nth degree for the upcoming Vice Presidential debates, so she'll probably be able to hold her own. However, as this poll appears in a week chock full of McCain crises--the Davis /Timmons stories, the assertions that our economy is strong, and the waffling between being a deregulator/regulator, this can't be anything other than depressing for the GOP.

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