30 September 2008

Obama: Leading Nationally at 5.1 Point Average

According to Real Clear Politics, in all of the polling data released today, Obama leads John McCain. The smallest gap, two points, appears in the GW/Battleground poll. Three polls--Gallup tracking, Hotline /FD tracking, and Rasmussen tracking--accord Obama a six point lead.

Meanwhile, McCain's lead in Florida has dwindled to an RCP average of 0.3.

Two things:

The race remains, and will remain, close. These poll numbers will continue to fluctuate over the next month.

Obviously, the McCain camp won't take this sitting down. Although political attacks on Obama should be expected (duh), things will grow increasingly nasty. It shouldn't be a surprise if we begin to hear ever outrageous claims about Obama and Islam, Ayers, Wright, Rezko, and even more sordid allegations. We might also expect another McCain stunt or two if his campaign feels that he hasn't been burned enough by the "suspension" and the bailout's blowback.


Anonymous said...

Indictment coming! Well Mr. Obama should have been vetted by the msm. Mr. Rezko is cooperating with the feds and turning on the messiah as well as the Gov. of Illinois. You heard it first from me, a little birdie told me this will happen in the next few weeks! Maybe now people will realize why Bill Clinton has been so smug the last few weeks.

mpandgs said...

1. Considering the Rezko-Obama association has been discussed and reviewed in the MSM going on a year now, I'd say it's hardly a secret (and E. Pringle’s articles have been passed around all over the ‘net).

2. Details about Rezko's recent cooperation with the feds has been seeping into the news for the past two or three days, apparently it’s focused pretty strictly on Rod and Patricia Blogojevich. But I’m sure you know that, considering that we read the same articles (you posted this exact comment at the WaPo).

3. I wouldn’t say Clinton’s been “smug,” aloof, yes, but smug?

Anyways, we’ll hear more about this soon, I’m guessing. But I wouldn’t get too excited about Obama being named in an indictment.

Thanks for stopping by.

mpandgs said...

Further: the feds are focusing on Blagojevich:

Sorry, anonymous.