02 November 2008

Will the Dems Control All? Not Gonna Happen

Yes, the GOP has been vocalizing concerns about Democrats controlling the White House and Capitol Hill for a bit now. Most recently, this:

In a weekend fundraising letter, John McCain says giving the Obama-Biden Democrats free rein could turn the country "from the land of opportunity into the land of government handouts."

Republican candidates in general argue that this is a time when checks and balances are most needed. They say giving Democrats the White House and Congress would mean unfettered freedom to raise taxes and expand government.

Of course, Republicans weren't voicing many complaints when they controlled the House and Senate during President Bush's first term. In all, 34 presidents have done business at some point with a Congress controlled by his own party. (The Guardian)

There's no doubt that the Democrats will pick up several seats in the House and Senate this Tuesday, but a filibuster-proof majority? Nope. Even Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who heads up the Senate Democratic campaign committee sees a majority as highly unlikely because "many of the 11 contested Senate races where Republicans are vulnerable are traditionally Republican. None are traditionally Democratic" (Reuters).

There might be a consensus to "throw the bums out," but we all know that typically means all the "other" bums, not the ones from our districts.

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