22 November 2008

A Good Sign for Higher Ed?

As with the rest of the nation, things are tough for public higher ed institutions. Spending cuts are increasing, which means that, in most cases, students suffer from overcrowded classes, insufficient class sections, inadequate resources, and so on. But there's some good news.

Earlier this week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist opted to raise the cost of in-state tuition to help cover expenses at Florida's colleges and universities (Florida's residential tuition rates have typically been set by the state legislature). Today the New York Times reports that "several of the highest-paid [university] presidents said that they would give back part of their pay or forgo their raises." Although these folks have helped generate a bit more cash for higher ed, problems remain: with the job market as it is, many folks will be heading to community colleges or four year institutions to enhance their employability. However, with the credit industry as it is, how will those folks pay for their education? Time to hear more from Obama on his plans for higher education.

Added 01/06/09: Apparently, things aren't looking so strong for the academic community. The job market is down by at least 25% according to this blogger.

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