02 November 2008

"The Man for the Moment" by Hillary Clinton

Senator Clinton offers a fairly strong editorial in support of Barack Obama in The New York Daily News.

Wherever I travel around New York and the country campaigning for Obama and Biden and other Democratic candidates, I hear people asking "Who are you for?" But the more important question is, "Who is for you?"

Obama has proposed a tax cut for 95% of people earning a paycheck. He'll fight for equal pay for equal work. He'll protect Social Security. And Obama will promote policies that reflect the way parents are working and living today, including child care, long term care, and a stronger Family and Medical Leave Act.

Obama will invest new jobs in clean energy, manufacturing and infrastructure. And he'll fight for universal health care. I can't wait to stand on the South Lawn of the White House when President Obama signs into law health care for every American - no exception, no excuses.

There's nothing new here, but she does present a fairly strong case for the Illinois Senator.
Clinton's renewed call for Obama-support could neutralize the current crop of robocalls now playing in swing states, which consist of an Obama-critical clip from Senator Clinton during a primary season debate.

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