01 November 2008

Trick or Treat? What a Way to Help Your Candidate

This Halloween story is simply gobsmacking.

Shirley Nagel of Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., handed out candy Friday only to those who shared her support for the Republican presidential candidate and his running mate Sarah Palin. Others were turned away empty-handed.

TV station WJBK says a sign outside Nagel's house warned: "No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters or kids of supporters."

Nagel calls Democrat Barack Obama "scary." When asked about children who were turned away empty-handed and crying, she said: "Oh well. Everybody has a choice." (AP)

I can understand her frustration with adults who support Barack Obama, but the kids? I'm seriously hoping that this is Nagel was just trying to prank the media, and that she's not truly this meanspirited.
h/t YTD

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