19 November 2008

HRC as SOS Within The Week? Some Think So. . .

Politico’s Mike Allen, who has a pretty good track record on these things, asserts that Hillary Clinton will probably be named as Secretary of State within the week—before Thanksgiving Day. Bill Clinton has decided to facilitate things and cooperate with the Obama people’s vetting and desisting from activities that might conflict with his wife’s work:

a friend [of the Clintons] says: “There’ll be some changes. There’ll be things that he did in the past that he won’t do now. He’s open to looking at what the Obama people think make sense. The Obama people will say, ‘Here’s what we’re comfortable with you doing.’ And President Clinton will look at it and most likely, say, ‘OK, I can do that.’ Like her, he wants the best for this country. My read of the situation is that he’s open to working something out – that everybody’s happy. It doesn’t feel to me like that’s going to be terribly difficult.” (qtd. in Allen).

So after a week of hemming and hawing. . . .there it is.

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