02 November 2008

He's Going "Double Maverick"

Senator McCain's turn on Saturday Night Live was hysterical. The man's gift for comedy--his timing--is substantial. Watch these:
McCain and Palin (Fey) on QVC (McCain fine gold! awesome)
McCain considers going "double maverick" on Weekend Update

(aside: did audience members really have to "boo"McCain? Sure, it was only a few people, but still...good grief).

The SNL appearance turns out to have been timely. Earlier in the day Vice President Cheney endorsed Senator McCain; considering the Vice President's approval ratings, his support can hardly be a boon for Senator McCain. Does the Arizona Senator really want people to be reminded of his popularity with the Bush administration? Hardly.

Sure enough, Mr. Cheney's endorsement has already made its way into an Obama campaign ad.

Christian Science Monitor headline: "Obama's Got Powell, but McCain has Cheney." Kind of says it all, no?

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