20 November 2008

A Fresh Faux Pas for Sarah Palin?

After pardoning a Wasilla turkey, per Thanksgiving tradition, Governor Sarah Palin participated in an interview with the not-so-pleasant backdrop of bloody in-progress turkey slaughter. Nice, eh?

Apparently, the interviewer asked Palin if she minded being filmed in front of the turkey-cones-of-death, and Palin replied “no worries.”

Does this reveal something sinister about Palin? No. It does, however, suggest that she doesn’t really think about how her media appearances play out. It's a curious, albeit gruesome, reminder that we've seen this kind of ineptness before (but McCain's people got the blame for that).

Here’s video, but and here's a caution: it’s pretty dang grisly.

(admission: I was going to post this as "Palin's Fowl Faux Pas," but nah.)


Agent Sparks said...

the uncensored version of the video is on huffpo...

it's not palin's fault that turkeys die, but jesus christ, who the hell decides the ideal location to hold an interview is in front of a tank of blood at the slaughterhouse? what in allah's name is going on up in alaska!?

mpandgs said...

Thanks Agent Sparks,
I'm ill prepared to view the unedited version myself, but here's the link for others:


The fact that she's oblivious to how it would play on national television--well, it speaks for itself (bless her).