21 November 2008

Cancer: Still Here

Throughout his tenure, President Bush has reduced funding for cancer research regularly.

I know times are hard--very hard--but please consider donating to The American Cancer Society.

Thank you.

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sunshinegirl said...

Thank you for your post highlihting the current budget resulting in cuts to many cancer research, early detection and prevention programs, keeping many promising new treatments from reaching patients. As an employee of the American Cancer Society, I have seen all too often the heartbreak of the disease and the inability for so many to seek the health care they need.

Your donation to the American Cancer Society will help fund groundbreaking research and give lifesaving services to others who desparately need it. For those who can't give for whatever reason, please Call 1-888-NOW-I-CAN to tell your Senator: FULLY FUND CANCER RESEARCH NOW.

We must begin to make up ground from years of flat or declining NIH funding or we risk undercutting the progress we’ve made against cancer.