01 November 2008

The Obamacons (A Partial List)

Some call them "Obamacons." Charles Krauthammer says they’re wet-fingered wimps who follow the wind. Others sneer at them as cocktail party elitists. Some address them as apostates. Whatever you choose to call them, a heady list of Republicans and Conservatives have chosen to endorse Senator Obama. Some of these folks are famous, some not so, but it’s fairly impressive lineup so far.

Here’s a partial list of "Obamacons." You might note how many have been associated with Ronald Reagan and his administration.

Wick Allison, former publisher for The National Review

Ken Adelman, All around foreign policy heavyweight.

Bruce Bartlett, domestic policy advisor to Ronald Reagan; treasury official for George H.W. Bush’s administration.

Fred Bramante, former member of John McCain’s New Hampshire Leadership Committee

Christopher Buckley

Nicholas P. Cafardi, Legal scholar (pro-life, staunchly Catholic)

Arne Carlson, Former Minnesota Governor

Lincoln Chafee, Senator for Rhode Island

Daniel Drezner, Libertarian/Conservative, Professor of political science at the University of Chicago.

Ken Duberstein, Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff.

Susan Eisenhower, Ike’s granddaughter and a business consultant

Charles Fried, Solicitor General of the USA under Ronald Reagan (and, until recently, McCain campaign advisor)

Francis Fukuyama, author of The End of History and the Last Man, advisor to the Reagan administration, and early member of PNAC,

Wayne Gilchrest, Maryland Congressman

C C Goldwater and Alison Goldwater Ross, granddaughters of Barry Goldwater

Lilibet Hagel, wife of Senator Chuck Hagel.

Jeffrey Hart, speechwriter for Nixon and Reagan, founder of The Dartmouth Review, and former reviewer for The National Review.

Christopher Hitchens (well, Hitch isn’t really a Conservative; I include him here as he’s been a full-throated supporter of President Bush and the War on Terror)

Linwood Holton, former Virginia governor (the first Republican governor since Reconstruction)

Larry Hunter, worked in Reagan White House; former chief economist at U.S. Chamber of Commerce ; helped write the Republican Contract with America/.

Douglas Kmiec, served as head of the Office of Legal Counsel (U.S. Assistant Attorney General) for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

David Kuo, former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush and Deputy Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

James Leach, former Iowa Congressman and House Banking Committee Chair

Charles McC. Mathias, Jr., former US Representative / Senator for Maryland

Scott McClellan

Scott McConnell, , editor of American Conservative.

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State

Larry Pressler, former Senator for North Dakota

Richard Riordan, for mayor of Los Angeles

Bill Ruckelshaus, official under Nixon and Regan administrations

Delbert Spurlock, Assistant Secretary to the Army under Ronald Reagan

Lowell Weicker, former Senator, Governor, for Connecticut

William Weld, former Massachusetts governor.

Jim Whitaker, Alaska legislator and mayor of Fairbanks North Star Borough

Ronald T. Wilcox, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia

Others might be added as-and-when.

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