17 June 2008

Whitehouse.com to Release Sinclair Polygraph Tapes at NPC

Whitehouse.com enters the Larry Sinclair / National Press Club tangle.

You might remember Whitehouse.com as the site that promised Sinclair $20,000 is he was to take two polygraphs (or one long one, depending on how you look at it). One polygraph dealt with Sinclair's allegations of Obama's drug use, and the second dealt with the allegations of sex. According to Whitehouse.com's experts, Sinclair failed both exams (or both parts of one exam if that's how you choose to see it).

Whitehouse.com and Sinclair's relationship suffered a meltdown, in part because Sinclair accused them of accepting a $75,000 bribe from David Axelrod to skew the exam results, and Whitehouse.com removed all mention of Sinclair from its site (you can still access key posts through Google--or, at least you could the last time I tried). Whitehouse.dom has remained mum on the Sinclair situations until last night. According to the National Press Club's calendar,

Time: 5:00 PM
Event Type: News Conference
Sponsored by: WHITEHOUSE.COM Inc.
Event Location: Lisagor Room
Contact: Dan Parisi

Note that this news conferences occurs immediately after Sinclair's.

A statement at Whitehouse.com explains that their news conference will involve releasing the polygraph results, video tapes of Sinclair's exams, and a discussion of Sinclair's accusations of an Obama camp bribe. As this will be the first we've heard from Whitehouse.com since early spring, it promises some interesting revelations.

Update: At 12:47 am, Sinclair added a new post to his site:
If you click that link, a 404 error/Not Found appears. As of now, it looks like the Whitehouse.com presser is a go.

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