20 June 2008

Obama's Huge Lead Over McCain: Newsweek

Newsweek today reports that Obama has opened up at 15 point lead over John McCain: 51% to 36% in a random poll of 1,010 adults. On top of the recent Quinnipiac poll numbers that show Obama leading in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, it looks like he might be winning over Senator Clinton's supporters.

Will the die hards swing for him as we approach the convention? Who knows. Some voices on the internet remain strident, while others are growing more moderate. I'm thinking that the vast majority of the most vocal anti-Obama Clinton supporters are Republicans trying to suck on the last drops of Democratic discord made possible by Operation Chaos.

I've some links, but I'm tired so I'll insert them tomorrow. Consider this an electronic sticky note.


Wonk said...

Okay, I just had to drop a comment because I was #666 to view your profile, and it creeped me out. I am NOT the anti-christ. All the Hill Hags know that's Barack Hoo-sein Obama, the long-legged pimp. :)

And also, so this comment doesn't sound completely mental, to let you know I added you to my blog roll.


mpandgs said...

Hi Wonk.
I think you forgot "mack daddy" there. :)

Thanks for coming by--I'm a long time fan of your site.