27 June 2008

The Morphing Multani: Will the Real Limo Driver Please Stand Up?

The Varying Manifestations of Sinclair’s Limo Driver: is it Paramjit, Rashpal, or Jagir?

So once upon a time, a fella had a dream—a dream of scandalizing the name of a presidential candidate. Of course, he only wished to do so for the best of reasons—to ensure that the American public was well informed before heading to the ballot box and deciding who should be the next president. So this fella made a YouTube video.

In the video, he claimed to have enjoyed an evening of drugs and sex with said presidential candidate. Both the drugs and the sex, by the way, occurred in the back seat of a limousine. The young man’s limousine. Moreover, the young man claimed that the limousine driver was a personal friend of the candidate, and it was the limo driver who introduced the young man to the candidate.

Many people commented on the YouTube video. Many who left comments were less than kind. They didn’t believe the young man. It didn’t help that the young man had undergone, and failed, a polygraph exam to “prove” that he was telling the truth.

Following the polygraph, people asked the fella to name the limo driver—the sole corroborating witness to his tale. So one night, the fella wrote on You Tube:

"The following is a gift to all in a 'pay it forward' dedicated to thedon, the name of the driver for 5 star limo service is P.Multani"

Now this excited people. Hundreds launched web searches for a “P Multani” who might have worked with “5 Star Limo Service.” The searches produced a likely-sounding name: Paramajit Multani. In fact, one man by this name has a record of driving limousines in the Chicago area (2000).

However, the fella changed his mind about sharing information. He denied having disclosed the limo driver’s name.

For months the fella and his opposition sparred—was the man named on YouTube the driver or not? Did the fella lie? What was he trying to hide?

The fella promised to reveal all. "Soon."

“Soon” arrived months later, at a news conference held at the National Press Club. According to The Daily Telegraph's Tim Shipman (who actually attended the PC), the fella,

named the limousine driver as Paramjit Multani and said that the two had been in contact during the early part of the year but that now Mr Multani and his family have disappeared. This is convenient to say the least. The documents he supplied listed a limo driver as Rashpal Multani instead.

Which is curious.

What is more curious is that, just the other day (eight days after the press conference), one of the fella's more avid supporters posted this clarification on his website:

There has been much confusion about the name of the Limo Driver for the alleged Larry Sinclair and Obama encounter in November 1999. The written news conference release, indicated the name was Paramjit Multani. The correct limo driver’s name is Jagir P Multani. If you listen to the news conference you will hear Larry stating this name.

So the name given in the news conference release was incorrect? This is more than a “typo”; a “typo” is a misspelling or a grammatical “oops.” A “typo” is not the inclusion of an altogether different name. It's also worth questioning why it took eight days to rectify the error.

I wonder if, when writing up his story, Tim Shipman relied on the news conference release as he had attended the event, and, I’d assume, taken notes, in person?

So why the discrepancy? Can this inconsistency be explained, or shall we simply add it to the pile of Sinclair’s contradictions? The fact of the matter is that, after months of leading both his supporters and his detractors on with promises of a corroborating witness, promises of "proof," Sinclair has produced nothing.

He has proved only that he is successful at the sleight-of-hand.

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