18 June 2008

Sinclair Delaware Warrant Mystery [solved?]

Well we know that Larry Sinclair was arrested today. Initially, I thought it was due to his outstanding warrant in Colorado. However, according to someone who posts as Sinclair's "Moma" on his Wordpress site, he was actually arrested on a warrant from the state of Delaware.

In his statement to the press today, Sinclair claimed that he left a number of phone numbers with the Obama campaign when trying to contact Obama in autumn, 2007. One of these numbers, 302-685-7175, is listed as a Wilmington, Delaware land line. It's currently "unpublished or unavailable." Was it Sinclair's number or a "friend's"?

We do know, from a statement Sinclair posted at Big Head DC, that he was issued a credit card from a Wilmington, DE bank in 1999.

It's seems that Sinclair was a Delaware resident, perhaps periodically, at least between 1999 and 2007. What event in Delaware led to Sinclair's being hauled off in handcuffs this afternoon, and when did it occur?

UPDATE 6/19/08: The Mitch and Nan Show has done some investigating on the Delaware warrant, and their results suggest an addition to his history of fraud.

UPDATE 6/22/08: Sinclair's still in jail. There's been no confirmation of charges.

UPDATE 6/24/08 Sinclair's out. See new post on his release.

UPDATE 6/29/08 and 7/12/08

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