16 June 2008

Sinclair's Blogger Lawsuit: Motions Denied

Larry Sinclair's lawsuit against three bloggers--he wants $ 3,000,000 for defamation--has suffered a setback. Per The Mitch and Nan Show:

"Plantiff’s Motion to disqualify counsel for TubeSock Ted……DENIED" [Sinclair claimed that, because he'd approached TubeSock Ted's attorney, James Klimaski, regarding his early lawsuit against Obama, Axelrod, et. al, the attorney should be disqualified].

Plantiff’s Motions # 15, 18 21…….DENIED [15 and 18 were motions to sanction Democratic Underground's and MzMolly's attorney, Paul Allen Levy of Public Citizen Litigation Group. I can't locate information on motion 21]

Plantiff’s Motion to compel defendant MzMolly to confer for the purpose of preparing a joint scheduling report…….DENIED

Defendants’ Motion to Substitute Filing # 19…….GRANTED! [Removes MzMolly's personal identifying information from court documents].

Whoa there--while good news for the bloggers and for freedom of speech, this only means that Sibley's attempts to derail the defendants have backfired. The lawsuit remains before Judge Henry Kennedy.

Aside: Read PCLG's April press release, which asserts that Sinclair's suit has no legal basis, here.

Update: on 10 February, 2009, the courts dismissed Sinclair's lawsuit.


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