30 June 2008

Andrew Sullivan on Sinclair

Have I mentioned lately that I (heart) Andrew Sullivan?

I don't know how I missed this, but Sullivan has deflated Sinclair properly (and then some). In referencing No Quarter's declaration that Larry Sinclair, he of warrants in Colorado and Delaware, is a political prisoner, Sullivan responds that "[t]his is beyond self-parody [. . . .] Sone of the Clintonites were just batshit I guess." Indeed. The currently popular analogies to the Gestapo, the SS, and Nazism in general are so wildly inappropriate, and so liberally applied, that one can only react with mouth agog. Do these people know anything about real fascism?

Of the National Press Club event itself, Sullivan offers,

Fun And Games At The National Press Club

18 Jun 2008 09:31 pm

Obama bottom-feeder Larry Sinclair got arrested. Dave Weigel's account is sad and hilarious in equal measure:

Sinclair was asked who funded the event (donors, over the internet), how he made his living (he's on disability), and whether Obama was "well hung" (I'm not going to dignify his answer here).

And the beat goes on.

Poor Sinclair.

When even Republicans consider you a "bottom feeder," things don't look too sparkling.

Aside: Okay, I recognize that the number of posts on Sinclair must indicate some kind of obsession, but, honestly, that's not the case. I will confess to being fascinated by how one person's unsupported allegations have attracted so much affirmation on one hand, and so much bile on the other--and no, he's no innocent player in any of this.

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