15 June 2008

Rumor Central: Giganti NOT associated with Sinclair Event

There’s been plenty of speculation over who is “behind” Larry Sinclair’s press conference at the NPC. Because the original press release noted a sponsor named “Veritas Federal Media,” bloggers went to Google and came up with the name Joe Giganti.

Mr. Giganti is a conservative commentator, and he has been involved with an organization called “Veritas Media Group.” Some bloggers put this together with "Vertias Federal Media" and identified Mr. Giganti as a participant in the NPC show. Mr. Giganti is indignant at being associated with the Sinclair event. Read his response to a blogger who (mistakenly) linked him to the NPC event:

Joe Giganti wrote:

Dear Anti-Gun Activist:

I just read your posting that mentioned me and my former company, Veritas Media Group.

I would like to kindly request you correct this libelous posting as my company VMG is no longer in existence and the PR firm actually sponsoring the Sinclair event–Veritas Federal Media–is a wholly different company that I have no affiliation with and I’ve never had any association with Sinclair either.

It is one thing to advocate your position, which you have a constitutional right to do, but in the interest of your readers you would do well to make sure the time is taken to get the facts right.

I appreciate your immediate handling of this matter before I need to involve my attorneys.



It must be rather distressing to some if this uber-Conservative wants no part of you or your story,

Aside: Sinclair's press release was issued by the Center for Forfeiture Law, which is Montgomery Blair Sibley’s organization.

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