05 June 2009


(It's been a while. . . .)

My (recovering) beloved and I caught an intriguing film the other day, a documentary titled Constantine's Sword, a study of Christianity and anti-Semitism, as well as Christianity and militarism (be it the US Air Force, Medieval Crusaders, or "Hitler's Cardinal"[aka "Hitler's Pope]). An interesting film--heavy on talking heads and filmed evidnce (but retrospectively harmed, perhaps, by its use of interviews with the now-discredited Ted Haggard--although the film came out last year, the interviews were recorded before the Haggard-meth-and gay sex scandal broke loose). Overall, it was a valid, and valuable, examination of the historical alignment of Western religion demonizing "the Other."

I wonder, though, why Blockbuster (from whence I rented the item) places a "Youth Restricted" sticker on this film. I mean, this is a sticker they usually place on unrated horror films . . . and Constantine's Sword could easily play--unedited--on The History Channel.

Maybe it's just my local Blockbuster that qualifies the film as "youth restricted," but I'm not so sure.

BTW: husband has completed radiation. We wait for a bit, and then he begins chemo. He's doing well. Thank you, deeply and sincerely, for your good wishes.

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